Aerox: History 1997-2012

Aerox: History 1997-2012

16 years of Aerox History: an overview of all models, all colours

Launched in 1997, Yamaha’s 50cc Aerox was a big success right from the start.

Its sporty concept set new standards in the 50cc class. With a liquid cooled engine offering great performances, a rigid and stable chassis to enable a good feel for the road, and 190mm disc brakes front and rear for great stopping power this scooter was a great expression of Yamaha’s sports DNA.

The stylish bodywork and attention to detail emphasize the machine’s exclusivity. The finishing level was considered in every detail without compromise, from the hi-tech levers and switches to the aircraft-type external filler cap and the 5-spoke lightweight wheel design. The 13 inch wheels were fitted with wide, low-profile tyres; the rear featuring a massive 140mm width. Together with the large and impressive overall physical size, this scooter really stood out from the crowd!

At the same time, practical items were not forgotten, with for example excellent weather protection for the rider and a large storage compartment under the riders seat, capable of holding a full face helmet.

The concept was so strong that over the years, there have been very few changes to the model at all. Aerox has become an icon and a cult that is now in production for over a decade. Customers love the machine and like to spend time to ‘make it their own: on the streets you can see a lot of modified and personalized Aerox.
For this reason, Yamaha kept the model as it is and the few technical changes that Yamaha did were focused on stricter emission standards. Apart from that, the main changes are regarding colouring and graphics that were updated every year!

In the third production year, the first “SP” variation was launched: a high-spec version with special colour & graphics. Many “SP” models have followed since, often with race oriented designs, and the upgraded spec usually including (among others) a special rear shock absorber separate oil reservoir and instrument panel that included an rpm counter.

1997_Aerox History_01 (71-301274) (gc_single_col)1997-Aerox Vivid Red Solid A (VRSA)
1997_Aerox History_02 (71-301280) (gc_single_col)1997-Aerox Light Grey Metallic (LGM2)

Market introduction of the Aerox with 2 colours.

1998_Aerox_red_PS from 236-446742 (gc_single_col)1998-Aerox Vivid Red Solid A (VRSA)
1998_Aerox_yellow_PS from 236-446748 (gc_single_col)1998-Aerox Light Grey Metallic (LGM2)
1998_Aerox History_01 (71-299358) (gc_single_col)1998-Aerox Purplish Blue Candy (PBC3)

Introduction of a third colour.

Technical specifications


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Supersports design

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