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Shhh ... listen to the soft sound of luxury

The Apex X-TX redefines how a luxury crossover snowmobile should really perform. With its revolutionary Electric Power Steering system, it not only sets the benchmark for comfort and handling, but does it in style – with quiet, sophisticated performance.

The Genesis® fuel-injected 4-cylinder engine – a Yamaha exclusive – with its proven EXUP technology and refined intake system, delivers outstanding peak power and torque at low and mid–RPM ranges. The 144"/3648 mm track, Dual Shock® suspension and 150 mm dual-keel skis combine to handle even rough trail conditions with ease.

Explore and enjoy a level of luxury performance you've always dreamed of - aboard the Apex X–TX.

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    • EPS (Electric Power Steering) means relaxed riding
    • Genesis 4-cylinder Top Performance 4-stroke engine
    • Unique EXUP system – extra torque and acceleration
    • Dual Shock® CK 144 suspension with Tip Up rails
    • Lightweight aluminium frame – rigidity & balance
    • 144"/3648 mm Camoplast® Ripsaw™ track
    • 150 mm dual-keel skis for precise cornering
    • Optimum ski trail setting
    • Innovative design of body shape and ergonomics
    • Dual-switch controls for grip/thumb warmers
    • Extrovert drive sprockets for secure grip on track
    • Engine braking control with I.S.C.
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    Snowmobiles are built to operate within their design limits. For durability, reliability, but most important of all, operator safety, under no circumstances should the recommended capacities identified in the owner's manual be exceeded. Consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Always ride responsibly and within your limitations, respecting the environment as well as country and local laws. The riders depicted are professionals: don't attempt to emulate them. The specifications, measurements and appearance of Yamaha products will be varied from time to time without notice, and as shown here are illustrative only and are not a contractual description of products. Some models are shown with optional accessories.
    Snescootere er designet til at fungere inden for deres anvendelsesområde. For snescooterens holdbarhed og pålidelighed, men især for din egen sikkerhed, så må de maks. belastninger der er angivet i instruktionsbogen ikke overskrides under nogen omstændigheder. Tal med din forhandler om, hvilke Yamaha snescooter, der passer til dine behov.