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Helm Master EX

New Helm Master EX

Innovation in control and comfort

Designed for professionals, enthusiasts and casual users alike, Yamaha’s all-new Helm Master EX control rigging system makes boat operations both easy and enjoyable with a sophisticated array of features. It is designed for both single and multiple outboard engine set-ups. 

Whoever and wherever you are, Yamaha’s Helm Master EX makes you boat with confidence!

Completely new with modern styling, premium feel and ergonomics, the Yamaha Helm Master EX system features an all-new Joystick with state-of-the-art software.

Offering smoother shifting and single-function buttons for easy operation and improved overall experience, the joystick allows you to manoeuvre through those confined areas, such as the marina. For multi-engine applications, you can now even move your boat sideways and rotate on its axis for even more precision. The new Helm Master EX joystick also allows fine tuning of autopilot and positioning adjustments within SetPoint. 

An industry-first!

Previously available only for multiple engines, Helm Master EX is now also available for single Yamaha DEC outboard installations. Long gone are the frustrating days maneuvering your single engine outboards in tight spaces with heavy steering wheels, as the Joystick is easy-to-use with barely any effort required. 


Yamaha’s new Autopilot offers a host of benefits, giving you the option to relax while the outboards work themselves. It’s a required installation for the full Helm Master EX system and includes a small panel on the console, a heading sensor under the console, a precise GPS antenna, and a control unit.

It provides many convenient features for boat control and operation, like Course hold: using fine adjustments to keep you on course, right up to the full autopilot function, where your boat automatically follows a set GPS course, giving you a smooth and trouble-free journey. Discover more of the features in the dedicated section in the website or contact your local dealer for full detailed overview of the range of existing options.


It is now possible to add Yamaha’s sophisticated Digital Electric Steering (DES) to any Yamaha DEC-controlled outboard for single through quad applications*. Not only does this make for a more spacious cockpit area with no conventional steering pumps, hoses or wiring getting in your way, but the full electric actuators are extremely quiet and fast, while drawing even less power from your batteries than you would find in a typical hydraulic power steering solution, ensuring your experience is smooth and pleasing. 


The latest Helm Master EX system allows for the fitment of a single, remote Helm Master EX Joystick anywhere on the vessel. As the remote station does not require a helm and throttle to be located beside it, the location possibilities are endless; allowing the boats skipper to control the vessel from the ideal position when manoeuvring in close quarters at precise speeds.

The remote station can be added as a second station to day boats where Helm Master EX is fitted to the console, or is an option as a third Helm Master EX station on flybridge boats.

Remote Helm Master EX Joystick

Available in single- and multi-engine versions, Yamaha’s all new Drive-by-Wire 6x9 top-mount control is completely redesigned, providing greater ergonomic comfort and various new capabilities like speed control (including automatic Pattern Shift mode for slower-than-idle-speed trolling) and Neutral Hold. This maximizes performance and minimizes fuel consumption, so you know you’re getting the most out of your outboard.


The new flush side mount Drive-by-Wire remote control for the Helm Master EX system brings the benefits of Helm Master EX to a broader array of boats. Featuring the same benefits as a single top mount 6x9 remote control such as; Speed Control, Auto Trim*, and Station Select, the side mount is ergonomically designed, and better suited to vessels with limited console space.

*through compatible CL5 gauge


Flush side mount Drive-by-Wire remote control

The extensive Display Options included in the new Helm Master EX feature a brand new CL5 Colour Touchscreen Display and the dedicated connection interface for more complete and stress-free control of your boat, done with style.


Helm Master EX has been refined to the smallest details, including Electronic Key Switches and a floating keyless fob that grant automatic recognition and that operate the system in a “smart” and easy way. The all-new back-lit switch panels offer a slim, space-saving, push-button design and modern look. These new panels save critical dash space, which leaves more room for your equipment, while the sleek panel design suits modern boat designs perfectly.


Important note: For more information such as specific pricing and how to configure the Helm Master EX for your outboard, please contact your local dealer.

 * With the exception of XTO where the system is in-built, as well as the 3.3L F250 DEC and F350A models.