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YOU Services

Erleichert den Kauf und den Besitz einer Yamaha und gestaltet dem Besitzer das Leben ein ganzes Stück sorgloser. Denn wir wollen, dass für Sie stets das genussvolle Fahren im Vordergrund steht – egal, auf welches Modell Ihre Wahl fällt.

YOU Services – so der Name des Service Programms – erleichtert den Kauf einer Yamaha und Yamaha-Besitzer können in vollen Zügen ihr Fahrzeug genießen.

Ein genauerer Blick auf das YOU-Service-Programm verdeutlicht, dass es um mehr geht als nur einen Kauf, es geht um den Beginn einer langfristigen Beziehung.

  • Yamaha Motor Finance

    Yamaha bietet eine Auswahl unterschiedlicher Finanzdienstleistungen an, die den Kauf einer Yamaha noch besser zugänglich zu machen. Die Angebote von Yamaha Motor Finance lassen sich maßgeschneidert auf die individuellen Anforderungen des Kunden anpassen und bieten hohe Flexibilität.*

  • Yamaha Motor Insurance

    Yamaha Motor Insurance is designed specifically for Yamaha owners, and simplifies the whole process of getting cover for your Yamaha vehicle.
    The range of top quality products covers all aspects of Yamaha ownership, and provides you with high levels of protection at competitive rates, giving you peace of mind for more enjoyable, worry free riding. With Yamaha Motor Insurance you benefit from an exclusive scheme and can expect a first class service from our dedicated team. *

    * Terms and conditions apply. Please contact your local dealer for more information.

  • Yamaha Motor Factory Warranty

    When you buy any new Yamaha you can be sure that premium quality and class leading reliability come as standard. And you will also benefit from the added reassurance of a full Yamaha Motor Factory Warranty that covers all parts and labour costs in the unlikely event that your Yamaha requires any unforeseen repairs. *

  • Yamaha Motor Extended Warranty

    We want to make sure that you get maximum enjoyment from your new Yamaha, so upon your purchase Yamaha offers a Yamaha Motor Extended Warranty, to experience carefree riding and the added peace of mind that comes with up to 36 months extra warranty cover! *

  • Yamaha Motor Road Assistance

    If you ever need help in the event of a breakdown you can be sure that we’re only a phone call away. Every Yamaha that’s protected by a Factory Warranty is automatically covered by Yamaha Motor Road Assistance. And we’ll be right there, whenever you need us. *

  • Yamaha Motor Selected Occasion

    The way we see it, every rider deserves the extra reassurance given by a factory warranty. And the good news is that if your Yamaha is between 1 and 5 years old you can now get up to 24 months extra warranty cover with Yamaha Motor Selected Occasion. Why wouldn’t you? *