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In 1978 Yamaha unveiled a bike that 35 years later is still one of their most recognizable and best loved models – the iconic SR400.

This unassuming and laidback naked city bike has not only provided reliable transport to millions of riders all over the world, it has also formed the foundations of some of the coolest specials on the streets today.

Powered by an ultra reliable air-cooled single cylinder motor, whose distinctive sound soon led to the nickname ‘thumper’, the SR400's flat style lines and innovative features have seen it remain virtually unchanged throughout its whole lifespan.

At the end of 2008 tightening emissions regulations forced Yamaha to briefly withdraw the SR from its models range, a move that caused concern to many of its loyal fans. They need not have worried as just 12 months later a new SR400 was unveiled. With a modern fuel-injection system replacing the carburettor of the previous model, the updated SR400 soon set about charming a whole new generation of riders with its easy going nature and huge potential for customisation.