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    Drive2 QuieTech EFI model

    Featuring Yamaha-exclusive technology, the Drive2 EFI's engine is the quietest and cleanest running powerplant in the petrol category. With a whisper-quiet noise output of just 60.5 dB, it's almost as quiet as some electric models - and its ultra low emissions and high fuel efficiency make it the clear choice for players and operators.

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    Practical and durable modular body design

    The Drive2's modular body design makes it easy to own and maintain, enabling operators to minimize any down time and increase their profitability. A new three part rear panel reduces repair costs and gives easy access to the engine, and the rugged bumpers and durable body panels are built to ensure optimum strength and durability.

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    Independent rear suspension

    As well as being the quietest petrol golf car, the Drive2 EFI is also the first in its class to be equipped with independent rear suspension - making it the world's most luxurious model. Combined with the widest in class seating and best in class legroom, the Drive2 EFI's sophisticated suspension delivers supreme riding comfort on every course.

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    New bodywork and enhanced interior

    With its restyled bodywork and range of bold new colours, the Drive2 is the most attractive and luxurious Yamaha golf car we've ever built. Offering the most spacious interior and best legroom in the business, the Drive2 also comes with the widest seats on any model, as well as a redesigned dashboard with larger storage compartments.

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    Tru-Trak II fully independent front suspension

    Yamaha's maintenance free Tru-Trak II suspension is fully independent at the front, and this advanced design uses automotive-style, coil-over shock struts to minimise roll for a smooth, comfortable ride. Together with the latest independent rear suspension on the Drive2 EFI model, this system delivers unmatched luxury.

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    Larger automotive style dash

    The Drive2 has been designed with the modern golfer in mind, and features an automotive style dashboard with increased carrying space for drinks, personal items and mobile devices. A storage bin with a non-slip mat is ideal for phones, and with the optional USB connections, players can ensure that their devices are charged throughout the day.

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    Supreme comfort contoured seats

    The industry's largest and most comfortable seats feature deep, supportive contours that help to hold occupants in place while on the move. With their generous legroom and spacious interiors, the Drive2 models are designed to accommodate users of all heights and sizes, to ensure that every player enjoys their day to the maximum.

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