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    Yamaha 4-stroke OHV engine

    The sporty-sounding 123cc OHV engine of the SRX 120, with its reliable transistorised ignition is compact and well balanced within the body of the machine - just like a full-size model - and it's a smooth-running, quiet and economical Yamaha 4-stroke too, so reliability is assured. Top speed is limited to around 13 km/h.

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    Adjustable rear suspension

    The rear suspension gives a comfortable ride and is adjustable over a range of 3 settings so that as a child grows, the SRX 120 can 'grow' too! Over bumpy snow, the frame sliding mechanism allows a see-saw motion for a smoother ride, while its 100mm stroke length gives the SRX 120 a level of suspension performance comparable to a full-size model.

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    Teaching children how to play in the snow

    For any child, the thrill of a first solo snowmobile experience is hard to beat - and they'll love the SRX 120 from the moment they fire it up. But so that parents can enjoy it too, we've limited the top speed to around 13 km/h and added a tether switch to stop the engine automatically should the rider part company with the machine.

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    Camoplast® track design

    Like we said, although the SRX 120 is made for children, it's no toy, so we've given it a thoroughly grown-up Camoplast track for good grip on the snow. What's more, for maximum traction and minimal understeer in cornering, it has a specially designed lug set (17.5 mm height) and the same track construction as our full-size models.

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    Comfortable seat and handlebars

    For young riders to grow in confidence and gain the most fun from their early snowmobile adventures, the machine's balance, controllability and comfort needs to be every bit as good as a full-size. Which is why the specially designed handlebars and comfortable seat play an important part in making the SRX 120 so easy to control and handle.

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    Double wishbone front suspension

    The SRX 120 is designed to familiarise young riders with the enjoyment that comes from having control over their machine. So the all-important front suspension design is essentially no different to a full-size Yamaha snowmobile. Its smooth stroke and minimal change in camber angle offer nimble cornering with least force on the handlebars.

Tehničke specifikacije

Specifikacije (PDF)
  • Engine
    Tip / Zapremina
    5 taktni / 123
    zračno hlađenje
    Provrt x hod
    56.0 mm x 50.0 mm
    Napajanje gorivom
    B-18Mikuni TM33 Flat Slide x 1
    Dizajn usisa
    Sustav paljenja
    Spojka / prijenos
    Centrifugalno automatski, Lanac
    Sustav disk kočnica
  • Suspension
    Sustav ovjesa sprijeda
    dvostruka ramena
    Prednji amortizeri
    Hod ovjesa sprijeda
    76 mm
    Sustav ovjesa straga
    Slide-rail, torziona opruga
    Stražnji amortizeri
    Hod ovjesa straga
    114 mm
  • Measures / Dimensions
    Ukupna visina
    787 mm
    Ukupna dužina
    1,816 mm
    Ukupna širina
    876 mm
    Gusjenica Š x D x V (inč)
    10 inča x 68 inča x 0.69 inča
    Gusjenica Š x D x V (mm)
    254 mm x 1,727 mm x 18 mm
    Vrsta gusjenice
    Camoplast® Block Pattern
    Razmak skija (mjereno od sredine skija)
    780 mm
    Kapacitet spremnika goriva
  • Features
    Električno pokretanje
    Grijači za ruke i palčeve
    Snaga i tip prednjeg svjetla
    DC izlaz