Just switch on and take off

A Yamaha Electric Drive is the most convenient, environment-friendly way to power a small boat.

Incredibly simple to use, each 12V unit has an adjustable bracket for quick, easy fitting, so you can just go straight out, switch on and have fun. The M26 and M20 feature twist-on hand control, offering a tilt angle of up to 45°, extending up to 15cm, and with a comfortable contoured grip.

They're built tough too, with permanent magnet motors, damage-resistant casings and coatings, and special composite drive shafts that won’t bend, break or corrode in normal use. A special Weedless Wedge propeller maximises thrust and resists trailing weeds and other underwater debris.

M26 // M20 // M18 // M12

cijena od BAM 710,00

U cijenu je uračunat 17% PDV. Cijene su informativne, preporučene maloprodajne, sa svim uključenim davanjima, podložne promjeni i vrijede do objave novih.

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  • Simple to fit and carry
  • Safe and easy to control
  • Tough, dependable 12V motor
  • Special Weedless Wedge propeller
  • Push-to-Test meter - for easy battery level checks
  • Twist-on hand control (M20 and M26)
  • Tough construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile steering tension control (M20 and M26)
  • Indestructible composite shaft
  • Cool, quiet power
  • Quick-Cam Depth Adjuster
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