Climb to freedom

From now on, set no limits. For the exhilaration of extreme mountain climbing adventures, exploit the wide power band and supreme agility of the FXNytro M-TX 162 to take you up to – and over – the powder. Designed by mountain riders, for mountain riders, it sets you free to climb to new heights – and improve your overall snowmobile skills.

At the heart of this powerful machine is the ProMountain® Air rear suspension, an 18° track approach angle and a pair of lightweight Fox® FLOAT™ 2 shocks – in short, a brilliant suspension set-up that's everything you need to conquer the steep and the deep.

For any serious mountain rider, there's no substitute - and there are no limits.


  • 3-Cylinder Genesis® 4-stroke High Output engine
  • Fox® FLOAT™ 2 air front shocks
  • ProMountain® Air 162 rear suspension
  • 381 x 4115 x 57mm Camoplast® Ascent track
  • Low track approach angle (18°) for easy floatation
  • Steep running boards (11°) for deep snow
  • Lightweight rear-exit exhaust
  • Advanced Fuel Injection system
  • Dual-switch grip control for hand & thumb warmers
  • Tall, wide, hooked mountain handlebars
  • Fox® FLOAT™ 2 XV rear shock
  • New lighter and more aerodynamic windshield design
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Snowmobiles are built to operate within their design limits. For durability, reliability, but most important of all, operator safety, under no circumstances should the recommended capacities identified in the owner's manual be exceeded. Consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Always ride responsibly and within your limitations, respecting the environment as well as country and local laws. The riders in this brochure are professionals: don't attempt to emulate them. The specifications, measurements and appearance of Yamaha products will be varied from time to time without notice, and as shown here are illustrative only and are not a contractual description of products. Some models are shown with optional accessories.
Motorne sanjke izrađene su za rad unutar propisanih ograničenja. Za trajnost, pouzdanost, te najvažnije za sigurnost rukovatelja, preporuke proizvođača se moraju poštivati u svim slučajevima. Za više informacija obratite se svom Yamaha trgovcu.