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Welcome to the 2021 MT Tour

The Yamaha MT Tour is coming to Baltic States: Vilnius May 14.-15., Riga May 18.-19. and Tallinn May 21.-22.

A pure excitement will be waiting for you with the updated MT-09, MT-07 and MT-125 which proud of its aggressive looks with a performance focused technology as well as the MT-10, MT-10 SP, MT-09 SP and MT-03. 



Discover the available MT models

Can’t wait to experience the updated MT series? Well, you can already check out all the available models here!

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MT Tour

Prebook your test ride

Because of covid situation we urge our riders to book their test drive time beforehand in order to avoid overcrowding at the venues. Prebooking will open soon.

MT Tour


Find an MT Tour event near you!

Yamaha brings the MT Tour to you, visiting a range of locations in Europe and giving you the thrilling opportunity to try out our new MT series models.

Select the best date and location for you and be ready to discover the new world of Darkness.

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MT Tour


Our MT partners for 2021

We are proudly to announce that we’ve welcomed a selection of partners for the 2021 MT Tour that complete your riding experience more than ever. These partners work closely with us to provide you the most inspiring and exciting experience during the MT Tour.

Find out more about our partners below!

Check out our partners for 2020 »

MT Tour partners

Previous years editions

Discover the previous years edition of the MT Tour from 2016 to 2019 across Europe.

Check out our previous edition »


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Before you hit the road with one of Yamaha's MT models, don't forget to switch on the Yamaha MyRide app. See your riding stats, remember where you went and explore where to go.

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