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Key Features

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    Steering friction

    You'll find the 15hp very easy to control and comfortable to drive, thanks to its many features - from the front-mounted shift lever and single-lever steering friction adjuster to the light-load recoil starter. A built-in handle on the steering bracket and resting pads on the rear, make for convenient handling and portability too.

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    Start your outboard engine as easily as starting a car – even from cold. Exclusive to Yamaha, the PrimeStart™ system ensure that the engine fires first time, every time you engage either the Electric or Manual Start.

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    High-output alternator

    Never get left short. A High-output alternator ensures that power is always available to start the engine – even after prolonged periods of idling or when you've been running at low revs and using numerous accessories.

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    Shallow Water Drive system

    Cruise towards the shore with confidence thanks to Yamaha's Shallow Water Drive system. Offering ample protection for your propeller, it allows you to get as close as you need to be, no matter whether you're cruising a murky lake or the crystal clear shallows of the sea.

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    'Start-in-gear' protection

    With this kind of power, a false start can be an uncomfortable experience. But Yamaha's 'Start-in-gear' protection eradicates the worry. On Manual Start models, the starter is locked when any gear other than Neutral is engaged. On Electric Start versions, the power supply to the starter motor is isolated until Neutral is selected.

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    Fresh Water Flushing system

    An easy-access, front-mounted connector allows you to easily flush salt and dirt from the waterways without having to run the engine: just connect a hose and you're ready to go. This is a very efficient way to reduce corrosion and extend the life of your outboard.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Engine type
    362 cm³
    No. of cylinders/Configuration
    2/In-line, SOHC
    Bore x stroke
    63.0 mm x 58.1 mm
    Prop shaft output at mid range
    11.0 / 5,500 rpm
    Full Throttle Operating Range
    5,000 - 6,000 rpm
    Lubrication system
    Wet sump
    Fuel Induction System
    Ignition / advance system
    Starter system
    Electric (E, EH, EP), Manual (MH) with prime start™
    Gear ratio
    2.08 (27:13)
  • Dimensions
    Transom height
    Weight with propeller
    F15CMHS: 51.0kg,F15CMHL: 53.0kg,F15CES: 52.0kg,F15CEL: 54.0kg,F15CEHL: 56.0kg,F15CEPL: 60.0kg
    Fuel tank capacity
    separate, 25litres
    Oil pan capacity
  • Additional Features
    Tiller handle (MH, EH), Remote control (E, EP)
    Trim & Tilt method
    Power Tilt (EP), Manual (MH, EH, E)
    Light coil / Alternator Output
    12V -10Awith rectifier/regulator**
    The kW data in this sheet is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft