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Key Features

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    Yamaha 4-Stroke OHV engine - electric start

    The upgraded low-idle governor system warms the engine fast, even on a cold morning, quickly releasing all the smooth, quiet, reassuring power of this super-efficient Yamaha 4-stroke OHV engine. It’s the durable, well proven MZ300 air-cooled unit that provides masses of torque and snow-throwing power, but also delivers excellent fuel economy, running on regular OCT95 fuel.

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    Powerful dual-stage auger/impeller system

    The dual-stage auger/impeller system is designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions. The heavy-duty steel auger cuts a very wide path (72cms) and has a serrated cutting edge that breaks up even icy, hard-packed snow - ready for the high-speed impeller to propel it through the 2-step chute and throw it up to 17 metres away.

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    Plastic-lined chute and easy-to-use controls

    The 2-step chute has a smooth plastic liner which prevents the build-up of wet snow and also reduces noise and wear. Rotation is electric-powered, with convenient angle adjustment by a single lever. The interlock lever for auger and drive engagement is a one-handed operation too, leaving the other hand free to easily adjust speed or chute position on the fly.

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    Hydrostatic Transmission (HST)

    Our durable hydrostatic transmission system offers more precise speed control, as well as smoother shifts between Forward and Reverse, with the use of a single lever. This allows you to change speed - or stop - without disengaging the tracks or affecting the speed of the impeller. Nor will it affect the remarkable distance (up to around 17 metres) you are throwing that snow!

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    Electronically assisted turning system

    Think of this as Yamaha’s exclusive ‘power steering’ system – and the YS1070T is the very first snow thrower to have one! All it takes to change direction or turn smoothly through 180º is the flip of a switch on the handlebar. This unique feature is made possible by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that efficiently regulates and controls the turning system.

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    Tough rubber track drive system

    No slipping, no sliding - just great control. The rubber tracks are pliable, with large cleats for added grip when manoeuvring in difficult conditions. They provide good traction, even on steep driveways - and you can even expect this machine to climb steps when necessary. The system works in perfect harmony with the smooth Hydrostatic Transmission.

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    Gas-assisted auger tilt system

    The 2-stage steel auger - with its aggressive serrated edge, electro-magnetic clutch and 'Shock Protector' - also has a 3-position, gas-assisted tilt system with a 'float' setting that allows the machine to adapt smoothly to the snow conditions by following the ground contours. Tilt adjustment, even on the fly, is simple and quick, using a single lever on the control bar.

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    Easy-drain fuel tap

    This service-friendly feature not only turns the fuel supply on and off as required, but also incorporates a unique draining mechanism. When summer comes around, it is simple and quick to empty the fuel system (supply hose and carburettor) to prevent sludge build-up during storage.

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    Reliability and durability you can count on

    The Yamaha name is respected around the world for unmatched reliability and durability - and every Yamaha snow thrower builds on that heritage, with rugged materials such as thick steel for the heavy duty auger and chute systems, metal controls - and an oversized cast iron gear case. In short, our snow throwers are built to last.

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    Special equipment - that actually comes as standard

    Dual-stage auger with gas-assisted tilt, adjustable 'Snow Jaw' scraper, electric start, cleanout tool, new yellow LED work light, a fuel cock with carburetor drain facility, automatic safety cut-out system ... these are just a few of the practical features you'll find fitted as standard on the YS1070T. Result? Superior performance with ultimate ease of operation.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Engine type
    Single cylinder, 4-stroke, Air-cooled, OHV
    296 cc
    Maximum power
    6.9 kW(9.4ps)
    Starter system
    Electric 12VDC battery type (std)
    Ignition system
  • Capacity
    Clearing width
    715 mm
    Housing height
    510 mm
    Snow clearing capacity
    60 tons/hr
    Maximum snow throwing distance
    17 m
  • Drive system
    Transmission system
    Ground speed forward
    0 - 2.8 km/h
    Ground speed reverse
    0 - 1.8 km/h
  • Auger system
    350 mm
  • Chute control
    Turning radius
  • Dimensions
    Fuel tank capacity
    6.7 litres
    Engine oil capacity
    1.0 litres
    Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)
    185 kg
    Overall length x width x height
    1,568 mm x745 mm x 1,105 mm
Not all models shown are available in every country. The specification and appearance of Yamaha products can vary from time to time without prior notice. Those shown here are only for illustrative purposes and are not contractual description of products. Snow thrower warranty is subject to specific conditions. For further details, please contact your Yamaha dealer.