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YOU Finance

Financing solutions


In co-operation with Inbank we offer you convenient financing solutions for purchasing a vehicle. Application process is simple, no down payment or casco insurance is required, and the vehicle will belong to you immediately after the purchase.

Loan amount will be transfered to your account within one business day after conclusion of the contract. After that you will be able to use the money to buy the vehicle that you desire.

Advantages of Yamaha financing

• You will get an answer to your application in less than one business day
• You can choose the most suitable contract term or payment amount for you
• Choose for yourself: where, when and how you want to pay contributions
• No down payment or casco insurance in required
• The vehicle will immediately belong to you

Monthly payment examples

  • Delight 125 Start-Stop
    Price                               2 750 €
    Monthly payment      61 €
    Contract term             60 months
    Residual value             0%

  • VX Deluxe
    Price                               13 8250 €
    Monthly payment      224 €
    Contract term             72 months
    Residual value             3 680 € (25%)

  • MT-09
    Price                               9 500 €
    Monthly payment      155 €
    Contract term             72 months
    Residual value             2 528,72 € (25%)

  • AMT 165BR boat + Yamaha F50HETL
    Price                               21 990 €
    Monthly payment      317 €
    Contract term             72 months
    Residual value             5 815 (25%)

Accessories and spare parts

Also we offer you a convenient and fast hire purchase for accessories and spare parts. Turn a large one-time expense into a small monthly expense. Take more time to pay and divide the purchase amount up to 6 years. The first payment only after a month.

Advantages of the hire purchase

•       Process of application for hire-purchase is simple
•       Flexible financing solution for larger purchase
•       You can choose the amount of hire purchase
•       You can choose the date of payment


Indivy payment solutions

Indivy - buy now, pay later!

Practical or emotional purchase – with Indivy you‘ll decide for yourself how your dreams and plans come true. Indivy payment solution allows You to pay for the goods and services in 3 equal parts or the next month 15th (in full amount), without any interest or extra fees! Indivy is non-credit product and allows you to make purchases up to 800€.

Advantages of Indivy

•      Down payment 0 €
•      Interest 0%
•      Contract fee 0 €
•      Administration fee 0 €
•      You will receive an answer to your payment request immediately

Monthly payment examples

  • NXR Shoei helmet

    Price                         429 €

    Split into 3 equal parts, 429 € / 3 month =
    143 € / month (no additional costs).

  • Sport Heritage Jacket Yamaha

    Price                               369 €

    Split into 3 equal parts, 369 € / 3 months  =
    123 € / month (no additional costs).