Yard Built SR400 ‘GibbonSlap’ by Wrenchmonkees


Incorporating a stripped back and lean design ethos, Copenhagen based Danish special builder Wrenchmonkees have taken the SR400 and with the collaboration of German specialized parts company KEDO armed it for the inner-city jungle.

With chunky scrambler-style tyres, a titanium megaphone exhaust and stubby polished aluminium mudguards helping it stand out from the crowds, this SR400 is not only stylish, it is also practical. With commuting in mind, Wrenchmonkees and KEDO have converted the SR to a single seat and used the extra space to fit a bespoke luggage rack that carries hand-built soft panniers mounted in an offset design.

2014_YAM_400SRWMGB_EU_CUSTOM_DET_013.jpg (gal_col)

Incorporating a subtle matt black overall look offset by the occasional splash of chrome or bare metal, this special from Wrenchmonkees and KEDO leaves one question unanswered. Where did the name come from?

In keeping with their tradition for the unusual, Wrenchmonkees have entitled this bike the GibbonSlap SR400 – a name derived from a knotted rope that ancient sailors used to use to defend themselves when onshore…

2014_YAM_400SRWMGB_EU_CUSTOM_STA_001.jpg (gal_col)

From spring 2014 onwards, there will be a selection of special parts for sale to SR400 owners. Throughout its long 35-year history, the SR has become a favourite starting point for those riders seeking to create a highly individual machine, and this collaboration between Yamaha, Wrenchmonkees and KEDO is designed to enable more owners to express their individuality.

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Yard Built SR400 ‘GibbonSlap’ kit now available

The beautifully designed and crafted component parts to transform the Yamaha SR400 into the unique ‘Yard Built’ GibbonSlap machine are now available.
This stunning kit set allows riders to create their own ‘Yard Built’ special at home with no cutting or frame welding.

Designed and realised by legendary bike builders the Wrenchmonkees and German specialist parts supplier KEDO, the kit enables anyone with reasonable technical ability to fit everything from hand crafted brushed aluminium fenders, polished aluminium headlamp brackets and chrome plated cross-style handlebars. The look can be further enhanced with numerous custom parts, including speedometer, single seat, luggage rack and chrome plate steel exhaust pipe to complete the look.
Designed and built to the very highest specification by the Wrenchmonkees and KEDO, these components will set any SR400 aside from the crowd. You can visit either the Wrenchmonkees website directly or log in to KEDO’s site online to access the full kit parts and check prices and availability.
www.wrenchmonkees.com/the-yard-built/ or www.gibbonslap.com.


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