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The battery packs are designed to cater to a variety of bicycle types

Yamaha e-Bike Systems offers a full range of "Multi-Location" batteries with a compact, stylish shape that can be easily incorporated into the frame, offering a high degree of design freedom when mounting it inside the frame of a bike. In addition, the 400Wh and 500Wh down tube and rear carrier mount type batteries are other long-selling options in our product line-up.

Multi Location 400 / 500

Multi location

Спецификации (400 Wh) Спецификации  (500  Wh)
Тип: PASB6 (Литиево-йонна батерия) Тип: PASB6 (Литиево-йонна батерия)
Рейтинг на ватчаса: 410 Wh Рейтинг на ватчаса: 500 Wh
Капацитет: 11 Ah
Капацитет: 13.4 Ah
Волтаж: 36.5 V Волтаж: 36 V
Време за зареждане: прибл. 3.5 часа
Време за зареждане: прибл. 4.0 часа
Тегло: 3.0 kg Тегло: 3.0 kg