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2023 Yamaha Apparel range delivers style, function and elegance

2023 Yamaha Apparel range delivers style, function and elegance

Offering contemporary cutting-edge designs to Rev Your Heart, the 2023 Yamaha apparel collections represent a significant evolution of style, technologies and materials. From everyday casual pieces and racing team wear, to riding gear and novelty items, the spirit of Yamaha models past and present has been harnessed to deliver an elegant and striking range of apparel for fans of all ages.

Yamaha’s past, present and future combined in the 2023 apparel collection.

The REVS Collection proudly introduces new-look contemporary fashion made for active lifestyles. Focused on the harmony of flowing and mechanical lines, REVS combines core Yamaha quality with fine detailing and practicality for everyday use. Harnessing the latest cutting-edge technologies and high-tech processes, from mixed recycled fabrics to dynamic cuts and bonded seams, the REVS collection is a key part of the company’s move towards increased sustainability while keeping form and function at heart.

Signifying an exciting progression in lifestyle apparel, the Scooter Collection delivers a sporty look that is at home alongside the exquisite Yamaha scooters shaking up street mobility. A core part of this range is the special Nothing but the Max collection, designed to sync with Yamaha Sport Scooters for truly standout shapes and tones. Edgy yet smart, the Scooter Collection is a desirable must-have for the city.

Drawing on the raw street focus of Yamaha MT line-up and grittiness of The Dark Side of Japan ethos, the Hyper Naked Collection is a fusion of street-smart silhouettes with agility and Japanese city life. Dominating with MT shades of black, cyan and grey, retro futurism is what the Hyper Naked Collection is all about.

Like the much-praised adventure machine that inspires it, the Ténéré 700 World Raid Collection captures the determined, off-road soul of the Ténéré 700 in every item. A modular and nature-oriented collection allowing the adventurous rider to adapt to conditions on the move, the Ténéré 700 World Raid Collection is a masterclass in precision and rugged capability.

Offering designs infused with Yamaha’s history, the Faster Sons Collection is a tribute to iconic Yamaha motorcycles on and off the race track. Its vintage 80s-styled silhouettes are presented in evocative blue, yellow and white for a retro collection as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

The Racing Heritage Collection meanwhile pays homage to the emotive and iconic red, white and black Yamaha racing colours synonymous with the brand since the 1960s. Incorporating the classic speed block design as a focal point on each item, the Racing Heritage Collection is a bold, minimalist wardrobe that embraces classic Yamaha.

Produced in sync with the apparel worn in motorsport paddocks around the world, the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team Replica Collection is a must-have range for racing fans. Crafted in black and highlighted with racing blue and white, this collection comes straight from the track to the wardrobe.

2023 also sees an exciting new collection of Novelties. Taking inspiration from the stunning apparel collections, a range of items designed to heighten travel and daily life capture the best of Yamaha into fun and functional merchandise.

Over 80 stunning new items make up the 2023 Yamaha apparel range. The greatest hits of Yamaha, past and present, are brought to life in curated collections that fans of every age can look and feel great in.