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Celebrating 25 years of Yamaha’s legendary Grizzly!

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Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary | Unleash the Beast

After two and a half decades since the original Grizzly 600, the 25th Anniversary edition is sure to get Grizzly fans excited. The new ATV offers exceptional build quality, and an adventure-fuelling accessories pack, giving unrivalled confidence to explore the most extreme terrains and wildernesses.

It’s time to Unleash the Beast!

Discover the Grizzly 25th Anniversary

Every aspect of the vehicle celebrates the rich heritage of the Grizzly, allowing a few lucky owners to own a piece of genuine Yamaha history, reimagining the modern ATV market in Europe.

Discover the exclusive design features and performance specifications of the all-new Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary.

Celebrating 25 years of Yamaha’s legendary Grizzly!