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Grizzly 450 EPS

Основни характеристики

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    Powerful engine

    Substantial power lies at the heart of the Grizzly 450 EPS. The liquid-cooled 421cc engine offers the kind of low-rpm torque whenever you need and wherever you need it. In addition, Ultramatic® transmission provides outstanding engine braking on even the steepest gradients.

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    Lightweight frame

    The one-piece frame reduces weight as well as being a stronger and more rigid construction. It incorporates an extra-durable rear gear assembly, connected at three (rather than the normal two) separate points for best-ever protection against the strains of regular, heavy-duty use. A short, spring stabilizer bar offers increased support.

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    Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

    On long days or in difficult terrain, EPS helps every rider of any body size. The system uses rider and wheel input to assist steering, provides feedback, prevents handlebar slaps and the high-output AC generator guarantees power supply in all conditions. The EPS is the same version as the Grizzly 700's but with a revised ECU mapping.

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    On-Command® drive system

    Yamaha's push-button On-Command® 2WD/4WD system (with locked-differential 4WD) lets you switch between drive modes, giving near-instantaneous transition to adapt to changing riding and surface conditions.

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    Independent long-travel adjustable suspension

    Long-travel suspension ensures tyres are in more consistent contact with the ground even on tricky terrain. The Grizzly 450 EPS double A-Arm front suspension and Independent Rear Suspension means it can adapt to all surfaces and offers massive ground clearance. Pre-load adjustability optimizes handling for all riders and loads.

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    Multi-disc wet braking

    The durable sealed oil-bathed multi-disc brake setup protects the system from clogging by mud or stones thrown up during use. It provides strong and consistent stopping power and is easy to adjust.

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    High cargo capacity

    Offering generous storage capacity, the Grizzly 450 EPS can carry a maximum payload of 120 kg - 40 kg at the front, and 80 kg at the rear. A lightweight hitch mount is capable of towing heavy loads up to 600kg

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    Comfortable seat

    The seat design offers cold weather riding comfort while reducing overall weight. It helps riders carry on working for longer, even in inclement weather.

Технически спецификации

Изтеглете справка
  • Двигател
    Тип на двигателя
    Едноцилиндров, с водно охлаждане, 4-тактов, SOHC, 2-клапанов
    Диаметър х ход
    84.5 x 75.0
    Степен на сгъстяване
    10.0 : 1
    Мазилна уредба
    Горивна система
    Карбуратор BSR33/1
    Запалителна система
    Стартерна система
    Ultramatic® V-образен ремък със спиране на всички колела от двигателя, H/L/N/R/P
    Система на задвижване
    On-Command® 2WD/4WD/блокировка на диференциала
    Крайна предавка
  • Chassis
    Система на предното очакване
    Независим двоен напречен носач, 5 позиционно предварително регулиране, 160 мм ход
    Система на задното очакване
    Независим двоен напречен носач, 5 позиционно предварително регулиране, 180 мм ход
    Предна спирачка
    Двоен хидравличен диск
    Задна спирачка
    Херметизирана многодискова система с маслена баня
    Предни гуми
    Задни гуми
  • Loading limits
    Преден багажник
    Заден багажник
  • Dimensions
    Обща дължина
    1,993 мм
    Обща ширина
    1,093 мм
    Обща височина
    1,120 мм
    Височина на седалката
    840 мм
    Колесна база
    1,233 мм
    Минимален просвет
    245 мм
    Минимален радиус на завиване
    Капацитет на горивен резервоар
    Капацитет на маслен резервоар
  • Additional features
    Система на управление
    Електрически усилвател на кормилното управление тип Ackermann