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Mountain Max LE 154 ES

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    794cc 2-stroke with digital CDI

    This lively twin-cylinder, 2-stroke engine really delivers the power to make the Mountain Max fly - up hills and across the deep stuff. With sophisticated digitally controlled ignition, as well as electronic fuel and oil injection systems, peak performance is on hand in all conditions, providing reliable power to haul you through the deepest snow and get you home safe.

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    Mountain Single beam suspension

    For exceptional handling in deep and steep stuff, our long-travel system has a light but strong single-rail skid running down the track centreline, with a skid frame that pivots at the mid-point. This single rail design is around 4,5 kg lighter than a conventional dual rail system - and also reduces the build-up of heavy snow!

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    Premium shock package - it's Fox all round!

    The Mountain Max gets the premium Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 treatment front and rear, with a fully adjustable coil spring and gas shock set-up that enables you to quickly and easily adapt the ride to the conditions on the day - and to your own comfort and handling preferences. A mountain-specific QS3L shock features on the rear arm - with lock-out for extreme climbing.

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    154" Camso Power Claw track - pure grip

    Perfectly tuned to the Mountain Max ES and its cutting-edge single-rail skid-frame, this powerful track's 154 x 2.6 footprint let's you master mountains like no other in its class. It even uses stouter, forward-curved paddles to provide extra lift in really deep snow. Stunning performance in all conditions, with outstanding levels of grip and back-country agility.

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    Sleek, light 36" SRV front suspension

    A direct descendent of our sleek SRV-M suspension, this system is not only ultra-lightweight, but its compact design reduces the unwanted drag of suspension components in deep snow. The neutral stance delivers great manoeuvrability in in tight terrain, while still showing polite and predictable manners on the trail.

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    Mountain steering system and skis

    The dedicated Mountain steering system features a tall post, optimised for stand-up riding, while the 4.5" riser, moulded, curved-end Mountain bar and integral strap offer the ultimate format for off-trail riding. The wide footprint of the high flotation, single-keel Yamaha Mountain skis joins in to offer unmatched handling precision in deep snow and on hard pack.

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    Ultra-lightweight Mountain chassis

    The latest-technology alloy chassis has been designed to take full advantage of the responsive, free-revving engine. In development, the focus has been on saving weight without compromising strength and durability, enabling this innovative machine to offer very nimble handling, razor-sharp agility and a comfortable, balanced ride.

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    Unique Stealth control system

    Everything on this amazing machine is dedicated to making the rider feel confident, comfortable and in control. A handy switch cluster on the left bar gives 'on-the-fly' access to the multi-step heat control for the hand and thumb warmers, the selection of read-out on the multi-function digital gauge and even control of the handy push-button electronic reverse.

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    Electric starting & push-button reverse

    From the moment you step aboard, the fun can start, thanks to the turnkey electric starting and the supreme efficiency of the EFI system. Once you're out there in the deep powder, the simple, push-button electronic reverse system comes into its own to get you out of a tight spot. The audible 'beeper' warning helps with safer manoeuvring.

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    Hand/thumb warmers & digital gauges

    Practical luxuries are a well-known Yamaha snowmobile advantage - and a great many are incorporated in the Mountain Max. Examples are the adjustable hand and thumb warmers, which are comfortingly standard, while our compact and stylish digital gauge keeps you informed with clear displays of rpm, speed, fuel and hours run, as well as important engine data.

Технически спецификации

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  • Engine
    Тип / Кубатура
    2 Такта / 794-кубиков
    с водно охлаждане
    Диаметър х ход
    85,0 мм x 70,0 мм
    Електронно впръскване
    Дизайн на засмукване
    Бутални пластинчати клапани
    Запалителна система
    Цифрово управлявано кондензаторно запалване
    APV с настроена тръба
    Съединител / трансмисия
    Team Rapid / Reverse push Button Engine
    Дискова спирачна система
    Стелт хидравличен главен цилиндър с олекотен спирачен апарат
  • Suspension
    Система на предното очакване
    SRV-M New Spindle
    Предни амортисьори
    FOX® QS3
    Преден ход
    178 мм
    Система на задното очакване
    Mountain Single Beam
    Задни амортисьори
    FOX® QS3/FOX® QSL с блокиране на изкачването
    Заден ход
    394 мм
  • Measures / Dimensions
    Обща височина
    1270 мм
    Обща дължина
    3353 мм
    Обща ширина
    1130 мм
    Гъсеница Ш x Д x В (")
    15 " x 154 " x 2.6 "
    Гъсеница Ш x Д x В (mm)
    382 мм x 3 912 x мм x 66 мм
    Тип гъсеница
    Camso® Power Claw 2,6”
    Ski stance (център до център)
    902 - 952 мм регулируем
    Капацитет на горивен резервоар
    39,4 L
  • Features
    Електрическо стартиране
    Electric & Recoil
    Заден ход
    Нагреватели за ръце и палци
    Мощност на фарове, тип
    60/55 W LED
    DC изход