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Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS

Ultimate touring power.

This long-track Sidewinder features 146 Dual Load suspension, shod with an exclusive-to-Europe 1.6"/41 mm Camso® Cobra track. With its premium FOX® shock package and Yamaha Mountain skis it offers the perfect GT configuration of awesome power and torque delivery at any altitude, matched with supreme handling.

Other great features? Of course! As you might expect from such a class-leading sled, the joy of effortless riding with the unique EPS system is complemented by luxuries like heated seats & hand/thumb warmers, push-button start & reverse, a protective, high windshield and an impressive baggage capacity - perfect for touring.

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  • Yamaha’s unique Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • Genesis® 180 engine - 4-stroke 3-cylinder 998cc
  • Уникална система на Yamaha с турбо мощност
  • Предно окачване с SRV вал и амортисьор FOX® QS3
  • Dual-Load 146 coupled rear suspension
  • Massive storage space with tunnel trunk and side cases
  • Изискана цветова гама и поразителни GT графични елементи
  • Суперудобни седалки с подгряване за водач и пътник
  • Кормило Stealth и спирачка Hayes Racing
  • Удобно електрическо стартиране и заден ход с бутон
  • Два изхода 12 V за аксесоари и маски с подгряване
  • Контрол на захвата с двойно превключване за нагревателите за ръце и палци
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Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS

Being out on the trail or in the powder, for work or play, is one of life's great feelings - creating emotional moments to linger long in the memory - so enjoy our snowmobiles. Each one is designed to deliver world-beating performance, unmatched handling and supreme comfort - with economy and reliability.

Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS
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