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A legend is re-born

The hull is longer, offering generous interior volume as well as improved handling, while the spacious seating arrangement allows for 8 people to travel and socialise in comfort. Several engine alternatives allow you to customise your boat/engine package.

The modern windscreen, consoles and seating arrangements give the boat an exclusive feel - without compromising any of the practicalities such as comfort and stowage. New Buster Magnum - the greatest all-round performer.

Auf einen Blick

  • Glass windscreens
  • The Buster Magnum is CE certified for 8 persons
  • Painted colour topsides with alternative colours
  • Trim tabs as standard
  • New model for season 2018
  • Fixed fuel tank - 300 litres
  • Rainwater draining system
  • Buster Q 16" screen as standard
  • Aluminium floor
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Buster Magnum

The most popular motorboat in the Nordic countries, Buster offers an extensive line-up of versatile, tough aluminium boats. The size and layout options cover the full spectrum of boating, from the demands of work - to the pleasures of recreation.

Buster Magnum

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