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Wichtigste Merkmale

Funktionen Galerie
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    One-Hand Stow

    Just pull up and forward to stow the motor with no buttons or release levers. Then when it’s time to go, use the easy-access thumb release to deploy the M32 into any of ten different positions.

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    Quick Lock Cam Depth Adjuster

    Change trim depths quickly, simply and securely. When you find your depth, this easy-to-use adjuster locks in tight to keep your Yamaha motor right where you want it.

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    Twist-on hand control

    Benefit from an enhanced level of versatility with the Tilt/Extend Tiller handle, found on the M20. Offering tilt up to 45°, and extension up to 15cm, it's easy to adjust to any situation or style of fishing. The M20 also features a comfortable contoured grip.

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    Versatile steering tension control

    An innovative collar, above the engine mount of the M32, makes it easy to adjust steering tension to the level you prefer. Keep it loose for effortless steering, or tighten it down to keep the engine more firmly in place, allowing for a 'stiffer' steering feel - or for stability when stowing the engine away.

Technische Daten

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  • Electric-Drive Technical specs
    One-hand Stow
    Max. Schub (kg)
    Geschwindigkeitsstufen (VOR/RÜCK)
    1067 mm
    Tilt/Extend Tiller