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  • High Output 1812cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve
  • NanoXcel2® hull - super-strong & super-light
  • Intuitive Kontrolle dank revolutionärem RiDE-System
  • Erweiterte Plattform zum Wiedereinsteigen mit Hydro-Turf-Matten
  • Sicherheit mit Drehzahlreduzierung und Fernsteuerung
  • Zughaken und tiefe, weiche Stufe zum Wiederaufsteigen
  • Grosse integrierte Spiegel und Multifunktions-LCD-Anzeigen
  • Breitere Rumpfform – beste Stabilität in allen Richtungen
  • Elektrische Trimmung und Rückwärtsgang mit Traktionskontrolle
  • 2-teilige, 2-farbige Sportsitzbank im Rennsport-Design
  • Sehr komfortable, versenkbare Klampen zum einfachen Festmachen
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    Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha encourage you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Images shown depict professional riders performing under controlled conditions. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products as shown here are subject to change without notice and may vary according to requirements and conditions. For further details, please consult your Yamaha dealer.

    All information in this brochure is given for general guidance only and is subject to change without prior notice. We should all exercise POWER WITH RESPONSIBILITY and help preserve the great sporting opportunities and enjoyment we all derive from our involvement with personal watercraft. You must recognise too, that your Yamaha WaveRunner is actually a boat, so please learn and follow all the rules of the sea and waterways, take professional instruction where possible, and obey local rules and regulations, which may differ greatly from area to area. The photographs featured show boats being driven by professionals and no recommendation or guidance in respect of safe operation or style of use is intended or implied by the publication of any of these images. Read all instruction materials carefully before setting out and ALWAYS wear recommended protective clothing and a life preserver or lifejacket when boating. NEVER DRINK AND RIDE.