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Hardcore TMAX

Better known for creating hardcore cruisers, the chance to break new ground and Hyper Modify a maxi-scooter proved too tempting for Walz to resist. Having already featured on the front cover of over 60 magazines and had more than 600 articles written about his custom bikes, Walz wanted a new challenge so he approached Yamaha for the chance to Hyper Modify a TMAX. The result speaks for itself…

“With the Hyper Modified TMAX I have tried to keep the bike very clear and recognisable as a TMAX, I didn’t want to create a spaceship out of it!” Explains Walz. “I concentrated on keeping the stock lines and optimising every detail while reducing the bike’s weight.”

“I have also modified the handlebar area of the bike to give it a radical naked bike image and mounted the mirrors on the end of the bars to give it the impression of a café racer when in town.” “I hope to keep this bike for myself as it is a perfect bike for the city and is totally cool because it is so different.”
If this Walz' hyper modified TMAX has inspired you, just contact him through his website link.

These images depict a Marcus Walz modified non genuine Yamaha product.

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