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A French Twist for Yamaha’s ‘Free Spirits’
 concept with a new unveil, ‘Allons Rider’

Yamaha Motor France writes the next chapter in Yamaha Motor Europe’s ‘Free Spirit's concept, injecting a Basque Country twist. Celebrating the versatility and character of the Yamaha XSR125, the fourth custom in the series comes from international skateboarder and surfer Manon Lanza, better known by her huge international social following as ‘Allons Rider’.

Concept Philosophy

The XSR125 ‘Free Spirits’ concept moves the story on from the many Yard Built projects by iconic custom builders on the world stage – ranging from very complicated builds to lighter adaptations. This new take on how you can modify a bike is not just for the sake of modifying, but with a greater purpose. It’s a method that serves a special goal, set by its owner. We call that the Yard Built for Free Spirits – where neither the build or builder is the centerpiece, instead the eventual owner and rider of the bike. Whatever his or her purpose, the motorcycle must be optimized for their needs.


XSR125 ‘Allons Rider’

Manon is a dedicated young skateboarder and surfer living between Biarritz and Los Angeles. Her focus and free-spirited approach to life can be summed up in a few words: to find and practice the best possible riding spots, whatever the season. Her inspiration and quest for freedom on skateboard and surfboard has inspired her custom take on the XSR125, also fueled by countless kilometers spent roaming the Basque countryside on her Yamaha TW125.

“Motorcycling is the trigger of my life. I started at 6 years old on a PW50 and it changed my way of seeing things in sliding sports afterwards. I realized that I could be a girl and spend my Wednesday afternoon in the mud. I even wanted to be a mechanic at that time.
Then I thought of my whole life as: "I'm a girl and I can ride". Over the years, skateboarding came into my life, then surfing and snowboarding too.”

XSR125 Modifications

The most obvious modification of the "XSR125 Allons Rider" can be seen on its right side. A neat rack for skateboards, hand-made and perfectly integrated, allows Manon to easily go to the skate parks with her board.

"Skateboarding is not only a means of transport, it makes me feel alive. When I'm a little stressed, I go to the skate park or see the ocean, I think of nothing but my next ride. It's the same thing on a motorcycle, you look around you, you're focused on the surrounding elements, you don't think of anything else. There is a meditation side: you feel good and above all you feel free.”

Complementing the skate rack, Manon chose a brushed aluminium effect on the tank side covers as well as the front and rear mud guards to ensure the XSR125 stood out. Gold elements were added, including anodized fork tubes and chain to counterbalance the brushed feel and pop out.

“I spend a lot of time in California, it's the place where I like to escape to thanks to its superb landscapes and excellent weather conditions all year round. I wanted a motorbike that reflected that California vibe. For the paint, I chose brushed aluminum because I think it looks the same as skateboard trucks, the metal part under the board.”

“For the saddle, I wanted something that stands out. I was inspired by the American fast-food restaurants of the 1970s with their iconic red armchairs”. A new vintage-style red covering now covers the seat unit.

Many of the further modifications on Manon’s XSR125 Yard Built "Allons Rider" project are available in the Yamaha catalogue, including the XSR125 Akrapovič exhaust, short license plate holder, aluminium sub cowl side, side radiator covers and LED blinkers from the MT-09.

The tough and cool look is completed with a set of Dunlop Mutant tyres with a crossover profile, chosen for their durability and versatility, to go further and explore if the need arises.