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Yamaha’s XSR125 ‘Free Spirits’ Project Gets a Little Crazy with the Arrival of the Maniac

Yamaha Motor Europe’s ‘Free Spirits' project rides into spring with a new build to add to the incredibly diverse and creative collection. Yamaha Motor Portugal found a true free spirit to collaborate with, teaming up with visual artist Fiumani, a highly creative individual who works on digital and analog artworks.

Project Philosophy

The XSR125 ‘Free Spirits’ project moves the story on from the many Yard Built projects by iconic custom builders on the world stage – ranging from very complicated builds to lighter adaptations. This new take on how you can modify a bike is not just for the sake of modifying, but with a greater purpose. It’s a method that serves a special goal, set by its owner. We call that the Yard Built for Free Spirits – where neither the build or builder is the centerpiece, instead the eventual owner and rider of the bike. Whatever his or her purpose, the motorcycle must be optimized for their needs.

XSR125 Maniac

Fiumani has a long-standing passion for the motorcycle life and his surfing and art has taken him to many places around the world. He currently lives in Lisbon, where he loves to surf. His creative vision sees the bike entirely hand painted, taking as a principle that everything in life must be in equilibrium to properly work. He used three main colours for the background: Blue, Pink and Black. The blue color symbolizes a colder and masculine sphere, while the pink represents a warmer and feminine sphere.  Those colours create a sense of equilibrium as well as a youthful look. The bike was also painted all over, using a white colour, which represents different thoughts and ideas, questioning mainly what happiness is and where it comes from. As Filippo understands it, happiness is about equilibrium, which is a key word while riding.


Fiumani made several modifications to the bike aside from the unique paintwork. The exhaust pipe was cut and a different rear section added, which was then painted with a high temp black paint. The front fender was replaced with a handmade item which was repositioned and complemented with a handmade radiator guard. The indicators and mirrors have been replaced and the rear subframe shortened to help create a rack to carry a surfboard.