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Small costs. Huge fun.

The Buster Lx is the smallest boat in the range that’s driven from separate seats, and the compact consoles with wrap-around windscreens provide shelter for up to six passengers. The hull geometry gives a comfortable ride regardless of weather, while the Buster Q infotainment system contributes to safety.

It does not suit the nature of this boat to lie in port. With the right options and accessories, the new Buster Lx offers the active boater the option to extend the boating season.

Aperçu rapide

  • Sans soucis
  • Buster Q 10" as standard
  • The Buster Lx is CE certified for six persons.
  • Fixed fuel tank - 53 litres
  • Insubmersible
  • Système de drainage des eaux de pluie
  • Plancher composite
  • Partie supérieure peinte avec choix de couleurs
Tous les points forts et les caractéristiques

Buster Lx

The most popular motorboat in the Nordic countries, Buster offers an extensive line-up of versatile, tough aluminium boats. The size and layout options cover the full spectrum of boating, from the demands of work - to the pleasures of recreation.

Buster Lx
Aperçu 360°

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