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59 DC. A sleek-hulled but super-tough day cruiser

This thoroughbred Yamarin is a real pleasure to use too, thanks to the two-person cabin with windows, the comfortable cockpit space and the large bathing platform.

What could be better than a spontaneous summer trip to a nearby island - or down to the marina to catch up with friends and spend a day out on the water?

Aperçu rapide

  • Teak steps and bow area
  • Offshore seats with high backrests
  • Courtesy light
  • Two opening hull windows
  • Navigation lights
  • Cabin mattresses
  • Two-piece canopy
  • 12v outlet
  • Four fender holders
Tous les points forts et les caractéristiques

Yamarin 59 Day Cruiser

The exciting world of Yamarin is built on this promise - that our boats will bring you the chance to enjoy the best summer of your life, basking in the sun, soaking up the warmth and spending quality time on the water. For day cruising, longer relaxing trips with the family, or just going out fishing or exploring, a Yamarin is the perfect choice.

Yamarin 59 Day Cruiser
Aperçu 360°

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