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    16-Valve DOHC Direct-Action In-Line 4

    With 2 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves on each cylinder – and, with twin camshafts, each also driven independently – intake and exhaust efficiency are dramatically improved, optimising fuel use during combustion. The TCI ignition system ensures easy starting, consistency, longer plug life and - ultimately - reliability.

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    Sleek and efficient cowling design

    An attractive appearance is not the only advantage of this purposeful-looking cowling. It is designed to trap and drain water with maximum efficiency, leading to even smoother operation, less corrosion and longer engine life.

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    Variable Trolling RPM controls low speed operation

    This sophisticated system allows you to control low speed operation smoothly and easily, by adjusting your speed in 50 RPM steps at the touch of a switch. Ideal for fishing, or for cruising politely through no-wake zones!

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    Digital Network Gauges and Drive-by-Wire

    The 150hp is fully compatible with Yamaha’s Digital Network Gauges (6Y8/6YC/6Y9 and the new CL7) giving you all the information needed to monitor boat and engine performance and efficiency. The 150hp now features full Drive-by-Wire capability, thanks to its digital throttle and shift, which delivers ultra-smooth shifting and control.

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    SDS (Shift Dampening System)

    First introduced for our larger V8 and V6 models, Yamaha's patented Shift Dampener System (SDS) is a great feature that significantly reduces the 'clunk' sound normally associated with moving between gears. A splined rubber hub and aft washer absorb noise and vibration, in a carefully engineered solution that gives smoother, quieter gear shifts.

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    Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) option

    The optional Y-COP immobiliser system is simple, easy to use and highly effective – a neat and simple remote control locks and unlocks the engine at the push of a button. This prevents your outboard engine being taken for any unauthorised joyrides, offering you peace of mind when leaving your boat unattended.

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    Counter-rotating propeller model

    A standard twin-engine installation (both propellers turning clockwise) tends to pull the boat towards the port side, making steering more difficult, especially at higher speed, so the 15hp is also available with a counter-rotating propeller. When fitted alongside a standard propeller model, the driver has perfect ‘neutral helm' control .

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    Optional Dual Battery Charging System

    The special Dual Battery Charging System allows two batteries to be charged simultaneously, ensuring that plenty of power is available for engine starts – even after long periods at low RPM or when using multiple accessories.


Fiche d’information
  • Moteur
    Type de moteur
    4 temps
    2,670 cm³
    Nb de cylindres/configuration
    4/In-line, 16-valve, DOHC
    Alésage x course
    94.0 mm x 96.2 mm
    Puissance à l'arbre d'hélice à mi-régime
    110.3 kW / 5,500 tr/min
    Plage de régime à pleins gaz
    5,000 - 6,000 rpm
    Carter humide
    Fuel Induction System
    Ignition / advance system
    Electric with Prime Start™
    Rapport de démultiplication
    2.00 (28:14)
  • Dimensions
    Hauteur de tableau recommandée
    Poids avec hélice (kg)
    F150DETL: 222.0kg,FL150DETL: 222.0kg,F150DETX: 227.0kg,FL150DETX: 227.0kg
    Capacité en huile
  • Autres caractéristiques
    Commande à distance
    Mode de relevage et trim
    Relevage et trim assistés
    12V -35Awith rectifier/regulator*
    Engine immobilizer
    YCOP optional
    En option
    Counter Rotation Model
    Available (ETL, ETX)
    Shallow Water Drive
    Tilt limitter
    En option
    Dual Battery Charging System
    En option
    Digital Network Gauge (6Y8/6YC)
    En option
    Shift Dampener System (SDS)
    En option
    The kW data in this sheet is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft
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