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Want to be the first to ride the 2018 Yamaha YZ models?

Motocross riding comes easier on the YZ models from Yamaha. The Yamaha MX Pro Tour is your chance to try out the all new 2018 Yamaha YZ450F which is connected to the rider as never before. The new slimmer chassis and seat, combined with the power of the bike, electric start and the world first Power Tuner App lets you ride harder and faster, no matter the track conditions. On top of that, you can also test the YZ250F and YZ125, check out the latest Yamaha MX gear, and learn about which GYTR parts to mount on your chosen bike.

Join the experience and get into the victorYZone with the Yamaha MX Pro Tour. Share your YZ experience on social media at #MXProTour.