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The Yamaha Motor Academy

Shaping the best customer experience in the industry for you


As our customer we want you to enjoy every aspect of your journey with us.

In particular when you visit one of our authorised Yamaha dealer shops, we aim to surpass your expectations, ensuring you leave with a smile every time.

At the Yamaha Motor Academy we support our dealers with specialised education, modern skills-development opportunities and the latest knowledge to help them to deliver the best customer experience in the industry and provide you Yamaha’s KANDO*.

All Yamaha dealer staff, from the shop manager to technicians, receive training following the latest educational methodologies and working with state-of-the-art technologies. With 12 training paths consisting of over 100 modules of high-quality business and technical trainings currently on offer, we want our dealers to make the most of their passion for Yamaha products. We help them to be the best at what they do so that from beginning to end you can enjoy the finest customer journey.

In our pursuit of the highest possible customer satisfaction, the learning paths of the Yamaha Motor Academy are infused with 5 founding values: MotivationCareKnowledgePassion and Satisfaction. These learning paths ensure that everyone who obtains their Yamaha Motor Academy certificate has the skills and attitude to meet Yamaha's high standards.


The Yamaha Motor Academy’s unique pan-European approach makes it possible to provide all employees of more than 2.800 Yamaha dealers across 42 countries and our complete product range (Powered Two-wheeler, Marine, Side-by-side, Snowmobile and more) with one fully dedicated vision and a centrally-led approach with a consistent brand message and high quality training programmes.

The training programmes can be tailored to individual needs and are instantly accessible online via a state-of-art learning experience platform in various engaging formats. From e-learnings and video clips to games, webinars and more, our dealer staff benefit from the latest education methods on the go.

Hands-on learning is delivered at facilities with dedicated environments where the students can attend various instructor-led classroom trainings and workshops. For technical staff there are fully equipped workshops meeting the latest standards, where training from general maintenance to advanced troubleshooting can be provided. Combined, this ensures that every time you engage with Yamaha you know you are getting the latest information and correct service, delivered with transparency and honesty.


Whatever product or service you seek, Yamaha’s highly educated dealer staff all-around Europe will bring the insight and attention you require to make the decision that best suits your needs, making your experience truly enjoyable and memorable.

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If you like the sound of what the Yamaha Motor Academy offers and would like to learn more about joining the Yamaha dealer network, please have a look at vacancies at your local Yamaha dealers.

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* KANDO, our Corporate Mission, is the Japanese word to express the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that you experience when you encounter something of exceptional value, quality and performance.