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Helm Master®

Latest Helm Master® integrated boat control system now features 3-mode SetPoint™ system and new CL7™ display

When you have pioneered the development and production of the most advanced outboard engines in the world - and you offer your customers the widest and most ideal model line-up, with clean, smooth, economical 4-stroke outboard power to suit every possible application, what's the next step? Even greater control over their operation, particularly for multiple installations on larger boats.

At Yamaha, the development of digital systems has been moving at an impressive pace for many years and the launch of the original Helm Master was widely recognized as a true landmark – introducing a new level of fully integrated, precise control for larger boats with multiple outboards. Owners around the world have been delighted with the precise positioning and intuitive control provided by the Helm Master joystick system and the other advantages of the Drive-by-Wire concept. In fact, many say it has transformed their boating, bringing a fresh relaxation and enjoyment to their on-water activities.

But now comes a second revolution! With the launch of the very latest Helm Master, Yamaha introduces not only its new and unique SetPoint™ system but alongside it, the impressive new CL7™ colour display.

The unique power of SetPoint™

The key to SetPoint™ is the inspired concept of linking GPS navigation technology to the well-proven Helm Master system, thus bringing positioning accuracy and boat control to a level never known before and in fact, unparalleled in the leisure marine industry. What is more, this sophisticated system is further refined by the use of a dual-antenna GPS – unique to Yamaha – which delivers more navigational data to the operating system, resulting in even more precise control.

The three SetPoint modes: STAYPOINT™ • FISHPOINT™ • DRIFTPOINT™

  • DriftPoint lets boat drift with wind or current - maintaining HEADING not position

    Ideal for kite or drift fishing, this mode keeps the boat's bow towards the selected compass point, allowing only the wind or current to take effect.

  • FishPoint holds boat near a selected spot - maintaining POSITION not heading.

    As the name implies, this mode is a great help for fishing - while the Captain's skill and knowledge is needed to keep the bow heading into wind or downwind, FishPoint then maintains boat position, normally only needing to deploy idle RPM to do so. Yamaha's remarkable SDS (Shift Dampener System™) propellers also play a key role in keeping the boat quietly and smoothly in position, so working together, they reduce the chances of scaring away the fish. In stronger winds or currents, this mode will attempt to maintain position using no more than the selected FishPoint RPM (up to 2500).

  • StayPoint holds boat near a selected spot - maintaining HEADING and POSITION.

    In line for the fuel dock? Or waiting for a bridge to open? This is the job for StayPoint, which uses Helm Master's ability to control thrust and articulation on each engine, independently, to maintain heading and position to within a 75-foot circle of the selected point.


The new Helm Master® DEC with Drive-by-Wire joystick control 

The Helm Master Digital Electronic Control (DEC) with its intuitive joystick, is the gateway to the Drive-by-Wire system – and it's a delight to use, with its mastery of up to 4 outboards – and offers a host of functions, including:

Speed Control • Trim Assist • Single Lever • Centre Engine • Free Throttle

The latest DEC Drive-by-Wire controller now has a simple push-button on the top of the joystick to engage and operate the three new SetPoint™ modes. Each of the SetPoint functions are user-defined, so boat control is easily customized to each individual owner's needs and preferences.
Also new is Yamaha's latest CL7 display, which is the point-of-access for setting and control of all the SetPoint functions.

Yamaha CL7 Display

Yamaha also announce their impressive new CL7 display

The CL7 is the primary display unit for the Helm Master system and is also the access point required to configure and operate the new 3-mode SetPoint feature.

Its 7-inch colour display screen offers clear, easy-to-read information even under the most arduous sea conditions – night or day, while the intuitive touch-panel screen has full MFD (Multi-Function Display) capability and connectivity, providing precise engine and boat systems data for up to 4 outboards on one screen.

Other MFD functions, such as maps, fish finder and graphing capabilities are also accessible, thanks to the in-built 10MHz GPS system with its unique dual antenna.

Yamaha. Ultimate reliability. Ultimate all-round performance. Made for water.