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Cruise 4 AC

Key Features

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    Class-leading independent front suspension

    For a smooth, comfortable and luxurious ride, the Cruise 4 AC is equipped with Yamaha's class-leading independent automotive-style front strut suspension, while at the rear there's a unit swing arm with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

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    Light and strong automotive ladder style chassis design

    The Cruise 4 AC's chassis has been constructed using the latest technology and features a welded automotive ladder-style steel frame that is fitted with a tough and lightweight polypropylene floor, giving a light and strong structure.

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    Headlights and tail-lights

    Fitted with headlights and tail-lights as standard equipment, this top-class people mover is designed to operate day and night, both indoors and out, making it one of the most versatile and convenient ways to transport guests, members or special clients.

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    High-efficiency 48V AC electric motor

    The Cruise 4 AC's high-efficiency electric motor is one of the most sophisticated and powerful designs in its class and delivers 5 kW/6.7HP through the rear wheels to give a smooth and virtually silent ride - with the added advantage of zero emissions, making it suitable for any environment.

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    Stylish bodywork with under-seat storage

    Featuring a tough thermoplastic bodyshell that's finished in a high-gloss polyurethane coating, the Cruise 4 AC's unrivalled quality stands out. There's plenty of under-seat storage space for carrying personal items, and the lightweight roof gives comfort - and protection from the sun and rain.

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    Widest bench seats in the class

    The Cruise 4 AC is designed to please the most demanding passenger and is equipped with the widest bench seats in the class. With generous legroom and outer armrests, this is the way to arrive in style!

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    Comfortable and convenient

    Whether you need to transport guests at a hotel, resort or airport - or even carry VIP guests to a glitzy, high-class event, the Cruise 4 AC is built to impress. With its easy-access interior and luxurious seating, this silent-running vehicle gives everybody the ‘red carpet’ treatment.

Technical Specifications

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  • Dimensions
    Overall length
    3,230 mm
    Overall width
    1,200 mm
    Overall height (sun top & windshield)
    1,785 mm
    Wheel base
    2,490 mm
    Front wheel tread
    890 mm
    Rear wheel tread
    980 mm
    Minimum ground clearance
    105 mm
    Floor board height
    295 mm
  • Power supply/Drive train
    Output rating
    6.7 hp (5.0kW)
    48 volt AC Motor
    Six 8-volt Trojan T875 Batteries
    Motor Rated Output
    5.0 kW
  • Chassis
    Rectangular tube structure
    Shell body
    Standard steering wheel
    Front suspension
    Strut suspension
    Rear suspension
    Mechanical, 2 RR Wheel
    4 persons
  • Performance
    Maximum forward speed
    31,4 km/h
    Turning radius
    4.4 metre
  • General
    Tyre size
    18 x 8.5 -8 (6ply -Made by Duro)
    Dry weight (less batteries)
    380 kg
    Curb weight ( with sun top, battery, oil and fuel)
    540 kg