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Kufr na zbraň Deluxe s odnímatelným pouzdrem na zbraň

  • aba-uxx67-10-00
4 665,95 Kč
Specifikace produktu
Zaručuje bezpečnou a praktickou přepravu vaší zbraně.
  • Vysoce kvalitní plášť
  • Zahrnuje odnímatelné měkké pouzdro pro uložení a přepravu pušky
  • Odnímatelné měkké pouzdro se zapínáním na zip a praktickou rukojetí

ATVs with engines up to 70cc are recommended for use only by riders 6 years and older and always with adult supervision. ATVs with engines of 70 to 90cc are recommended only for use by riders 12 years and older, and always under adult supervision. ATVs with engines of 90cc or greater are recommended for use only by riders 16 years and older. ATVs are built to operate within their design limits. Safe towable weights, together with maximum carrying capacity are identified in the owner's manual if applicable. For durability, reliability, but most important of all, operator safety, under no circumstances should the recommended capacities be exceeded. Yamaha recommends that all ATV riders take an approved training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or call your Yamaha Distributor in your country. ATVs can be hazardous to operate.