XT500: Model Evolution

XT500: Model Evolution

Major Model Changes from 1976 until 1990.

2003-XT500-01 (71-245710)
2003-XT500-02 (71-245716)
2003-XT500-03 (71-245722)
2003-XT500-04 (71-245728)
2003-XT500-05 (71-245734)

Model year 1976
 The original XT 500


Model year 1977
 Upswept Muffler





Model year 1980
 Front fork with increased travel
 Increased rear suspension travel
 Gold colored rims
 Engine modification



Model year 1986
 12 Volt Electrical system
 Misc. detail changes




Model year 1988
The final version:
 Chrome all over

Technical specifications

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