X-MAX 250 History: all models, all colours 2005-2013

X-MAX 250 History: all models, all colours 2005-2013

When X-Max 250 came to the market by mid 2005, it was an instant success. Yamaha's concept was very clear: to develop a compact and functional maxiscooter with a sporty riding character, that excels both in city commuting as well as in leisure riding and weekend getaways.

2005_XMAX_Scooters_RM5_Lava Red from 236-461962 (gc_single_col)2005-XMAX250 Lava Red (RM5)
2005_XMAX_Scooters_DYMB_Metallic Sun from 236-461956 (gc_single_col)2005-XMAX250 Metallic Sun (DYM8)
2005_XMAX_Scooters_S3_Silver Tech from 236-461968 (gc_single_col)2005-XMAX250 Silver Tech (S3)
2005_XMAX_Scooters_DBNM8_Anthracite Grey from 236-461950 (gc_single_col)2005-XMAX250 Anthracite Grey (DBNM8)

2005 model

Designed like a smaller brother of the famous T-Max 500, the looks clearly conveyed its dynamic attitude and struck a chord with many people.
Also the novel concept was appreciated.
The fullsize, maxiscooter type body did not have the typical feet-forward riding position with low seat and windscreen far away from the rider that most competitors had. Instead, it featured an upright and dynamic riding position, for active control of the vehicle. The screen was mounted on the handlebar and close to the rider for a good view of the street directly ahead and to filter through the cars easily.
The relatively large wheels (15 inch front, 14 inch rear) and rigid tubular steel chassis offer good road-holding and stability without the 'scooter like' spongy feeling in the handlebars.
The reliable 4-stroke engine is responsive and perfectly efficient for this size of scooter.
X-Max has ample space for rider and passenger and a huge storage under the seat where 2 full-face helmets fit easily.
Rider comfort and sporty set-up were no contradiction for the X-Max!

2006_XMAX_Scooters_RM5_Lava Red from 236-468856 (gc_single_col)2006-XMAX250 Lava Red (RM5)
2006_XMAX_Scooters_DYMB_Metallic Sun from 236-468850 (gc_single_col)2006-XMAX250 Metallic Sun (DYMB)
2006_XMAX_Scooters_S3_Silver Tech from 236-468862 (gc_single_col)2006-XMAX250 Silver Tech (S3)
2006_XMAX_Scooters_DBNM8_Anthracite Grey from 236-468844 (gc_single_col)2006-XMAX250 Anthracite Grey (DBNM8)

2006 model

2007_XMAX_Scooters_FIS_Fine Silver from 236-461986 (gc_single_col)2007-XMAX250 Fine Silver (FIS)
2007_XMAX_Scooters_BNM6_Solid Metal from 236-461980 (gc_single_col)2007-XMAX250 Solid Metal (BNM6)
2007_XMAX_Scooters_SMX_Midnight Black from 236-461992 (gc_single_col)2007-XMAX250 Midnight Black (SMX)

2007 model

Technical specifications

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