R6 History: all models, all colours 1999-2016

2005 Racing Red 2005 Racing Red
2005 Yamaha Blue 2005 Yamaha Blue
2005 Yamaha Black 2005 Yamaha Black
R6 R46R6 R46

2005 model
Upside-down front fork with larger, radial type brakes; engine improvement.
R46 Special colouring version.

2006 Competition White2006 Competition White
2006 Yamaha Blue2006 Yamaha Blue
2006 Midnight Black2006 Midnight Black

2006 model
Completely new machine, more race oriented and with new, ultra-sharp and sexy bodywork.
The bike features the 'fly by wire' YCC-T throttle control system taken directly from Yamaha's motoGP experience. Yamaha engineers have now fitted a slipper clutch as standard equipment.
The engine puts out an astonishing 127 horsepower. With its ultra-short stroke and titanium valves it can easily rev up to 16.500 rpm!
The muffler is moved under the engine for further mass concentration, front and rear suspension get both high and low speed damping adjustment.

2007 Competition White2007 Competition White
2007 Yamaha Blue2007 Yamaha Blue
2007 Midnight Black2007 Midnight Black

2007 model

Technical specifications

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