YZF-R1: History 1998-2014

2006_YZF-R1_01 SP (71-291673)2006-R1-SP Gun Smoke (MBM3)
2006_YZF-R1_06 SP (71-292277)
2006_YZF-R1_02 SP (71-291679)
2006_YZF-R1_03 SP (71-291685)
2006_YZF-R1_04 SP (71-291691)
2006_YZF-R1_05 SP (71-291697)

2006 SP model 
This year also saw the introduction of a limited-production SP model with a slipper clutch, Öhlins suspensions (with sophisticated damping adjustments and ride height adjustment) and forged aluminium Marchesini Y-spoke wheels that were 400g lighter than normal wheels.

A special GunSmoke colour was used for the bodywork and chassis, only 500 units were produced for Europe.

2007_YZF-R1_01 (71-291703)2007-R1 Yamaha Blue (DPBMC)
2007_YZF-R1_02 (71-291709)2007-R1 Competition White (BWC1)
2007_YZF-R1_03 (71-291715)2007-R1 Midnight Black (SMX)
2007_YZF-R1_04 (71-291721)
2007_YZF-R1_05 (71-291727)
2007_YZF-R1_06 (71-291733)
2007_YZF-R1_07 (71-292283)

The fifth generation of the YZF-R1 targeted the handling of 600cc motorbikes. To achieve this, a lot of work was done on the rigidity balance of the whole chassis.
A new frame, new swingarm and new front fork were the result of this target along with new 6-pot brake callipers setting new standards regarding braking performance.

The air intake featured YCC-T (a kind of ‘fly-by-wire’ throttle technology from MotoGP) and YCC-I (a variable intake that switches from long to short intake funnels at higher rpm). The compression ratio was increased to 12.7 to 1 and a 4-valve engine design (all previous generations had 5 valves) incorporates lightweight titanium valves. Horsepower output was upped to 180 HP with a dry weight of just 177 kg.

A 3-way catalyser enabled The R1 to comply with tougher EU-3 regulations and a slipper clutch, similar to the one used on the SP model the year before, was now fitted as standard equipment.

2008_YZF-R1_01 (71-291739)2008-R1 Yamaha Blue (DPBMC)
2008_YZF-R1_02 (71-291745)2008-R1 Competition White (BWC1)
2008_YZF-R1_03 (71-291751)2008-R1 Graphite (DNMG)
2008_YZF-R1_04 (71-291757)
2008_YZF-R1_05 (71-292289)

Again new colouring and graphics were introduced in 2008.

Technical specifications

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