XJR1300 History: all models, all colours 1999-2016

2001_XJR1300SP_01 from 236-447236 (gc_single_col)2001-XJR1300SP Deep Purplish Blue Metallic (DPBMC)
2001_XJR1300SP_02 from 236-447242 (gc_single_col)2001-XJR1300SP Reddish Yellow Cocktail (RYC1)

2001 model
New colours and graphics for the SP version: new blue/black and yellow/white/black combinations.

2002_XJR1300_01 from 236-447248 (gc_single_col)2002-XJR1300 Black (BL2)
2002_XJR1300_02 from 236-447254 (gc_single_col)2002-XJR1300 Bluish Silver (BS4)
2002_XJR1300_03 from 236-447260 (gc_single_col)2002-XJR1300 Deep Purplish Blue (DPBMC)

2002 model
A new 4-in-2-in-1 exhaust system, with single instead of dual mufflers, and new carburettors, reduce weight by 6 kg.
Other weight reduction details are for example a lighter rear wheel, lighter swingarm assembly, a hollow rear axle and a more compact rear brake caliper.
An air induction system is added to comply with EU-1 emission regulations.
Fuel tank, seat and sidecovers are redesigned to give the bike a slimmer mid section and offer a narrower knee grip. The riding position is moved slightly forward for better handling.
Suspension settings are refined and Öhlins rear suspension now comes as standard. Also the 'special' colours (with graphics) are standard now. Colours are black/silver, silver/white/black and blue/white/black. Some of the colours now come in combination with a silver engine (instead of black).

2003_XJR1300_02 from 236-447272 (gc_single_col)2003-XJR1300 Midnight Black (BL2)
2003_XJR1300_03 from 236-447278 (gc_single_col)2003-XJR1300 Yamaha Blue (DPBMC)
2003_XJR1300_01 from 236-447266 (gc_single_col)2003-XJR1300 Extreme Yellow (RYC1)

2003 model
New graphics and 3 base colours: black, blue/black and yellow/black. The yellow colour features a black engine, the other colours a silver engine.

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