FJR1300 - Second generation with ABS and many detail improvements

FJR1300 - Second generation with ABS and many detail improvements

"We see the FJR 1300 to be a long life model", says the marketing manager of Yamaha Motor Europe. "We have quite carefully considered the changes for the new model and did listen to our customers, to determine the improvements after these 2 years of FJR model life."

2003-FJR1300-03 (71-220155)
White multi-medium-left (71-220182)
White multi-medium-left (71-220182)

Indeed many of you have answered the FJR 1300 questionnaire on this website. You have made valuable suggestions (see FJR websurvey).

"After combining the findings on the web with statements we gathered from FJR owners we decided on the improvements for this latest model. Basically most owners were pretty satisfied with the machine, the wish-list was mainly filled with items to make touring longer distances more comfortable, without sacrifice on the sporty features of this machine," explains Yamaha Europe product planner Hennes Fischer.

ABS version
Mostly riders from Northern European countries had an ABS version on the top of their wish-list. Next to the Standard version an ABS version is available. The system is based on the well known ABS used in other Yamaha models before, such as GTS or YP 250 Majesty. It is a two line control system, which controls front and rear brake separately.

In fact FJR 1300 basic concept as expressed by former project leader Komatsubara (see interview) has been appreciated by many matured motorcyclists. The combination of comfort and high performance established FJR 1300 as almost a category of its own.

2003-FJR1300-04 (71-220158)
2003-FJR1300-05 (71-220161)
2003-FJR1300-06 (71-220164)
2003-FJR1300-07 (71-220167)

Following changes have been made:

New designed windscreen
To reduce turbulence for rider and passenger and improve protection




Immobiliser system
For proper theft protection





Storage box in fairing
Small easy access storage box for coins, highway tickets sunglasses and other things needed frequently




Bigger disc brake (320 mm)
For better performance and to adopt to ABS system




2003-FJR1300-08 (71-220170)
2003-FJR1300-09 (71-220173)
2003-FJR1300-10 (71-220176)


Easy adjustment for headlight
To adjust headlight beam easily depending on load conditions




Improved suspension settings
For improved riding comfort and to increase adjustment range depending on various load conditions




Integrated flasher lights
Better looks and aerodynamics

Technical specifications

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