Tmax: all models, all colours 2001-2010

Tmax: all models, all colours 2001-2010

Tmax 2001: great fun to rideTmax 2001: great fun to ride
Tmax 2001: under its skin it is a motorcycleTmax 2001: under its skin it is a motorcycle
Tmax 2008: aluminium frameTmax 2008: aluminium frame
For comparison: Majesty 400 frame with typical scooter layoutFor comparison: Majesty 400 frame with typical scooter layout

2001 marked the launch of this revolutionary scooter with the riding behaviour and performances of a motorcycle.
The twin cylinder, 500cc engine was completely novel at the time.
Unlike any existing scooters, the TMAX had a high-rigidity frame with the engine mounted fixed to the frame.
Other scooters had single cylinder engines that were one unit with the swingarm, rotating in the frame so on every bump the whole engine had to move up and down.
TMAX roadholding capabilities were unrivaled, also because the engine was mounted far to the front. This made the weight distribution like a motorcycle, with much better feel for the front wheel.
The excellent wind protection and ample space for rider and passenger made it possible to make long trips. This scooter was not confined to the cities anymore!
Being great fun to ride on small twisty roads as well as on motorways or in the cities, TMAX was a big success. Thanks to its excellent roadholding, it far outsold competitors who came to the market later, with higher-cc machines that were actually not as much fun to ride as TMAX!

2001-XP500 Impact Yellow (CMY)2001-XP500 Impact Yellow (CMY)
2001-XP500 Laser Blue (VDBC4)2001-XP500 Laser Blue (VDBC4)
2001-XP500 Electric Silver (SL1)2001-XP500 Electric Silver (SL1)

2001 model 
Colours: Impact Yellow (CMY), Laser Blue (VDBC4), Electric Silver (SL1)

2002-XP500 Performance Red (DRMD)2002-XP500 Performance Red (DRMD)
2002-XP500 Fancy Plum (VDBMA)2002-XP500 Fancy Plum (VDBMA)
2002-XP500 Impact Yellow (CMY)2002-XP500 Impact Yellow (CMY)
2002-XP500 Electric Silver (SL1)2002-XP500 Electric Silver (SL1)

2002 model 
New colours: Performance Red (DRMD), Fancy Plum (VDBMA)

Technical specifications

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