FZ8/Fazer 8: A new experience

FZ8/Fazer 8: A new experience

"We paid a lot of attention to the riding fun in real-life usage situations, that's why we wanted a more torquey and responsive engine." mentions Product Planner Alessandro Polati. "The FZ has always been a high performance allrounder and with the shift to 800cc, we've made it more exciting than ever."

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Engine: developed for torque and response

● It's supersports-derived: the engine is built on the R1-2008 crankcase-crankshaft basis
● The cylinder head area is completely different, with 4-valve design, special intake funnels, 4-in-1 exhaust system: all set up for powerful mid range character
● The crankshaft mass is lighter, for optimum response at low rpm and free-revving character at high rpm
● High-performance equipments like forged pistons, ceramic-plated cylinders and the extremely exact 'fracture-split' connection rods enable a very precise running of the engine
● Power output is 106 PS, torque 82 Nm

"We could have developed a much higher horsepower figure, but that would have been at the expense of mid range torque" says Alessandro. "We wanted to have that strong responsiveness without having to shift down. When you ride the FZ8 there's all the power you need, when you need it, in midrange. And when you want to exploit high revving, there's more than enough to enjoy!" 

2010_FZ8Fazer8_1_01 (71-372498) (gc_single_col)
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Chassis: strong, light, top quality components

  • FZ1-based, full aluminum frame and swingarm
  • Different riding position from FZ1: handlebar slightly more forward, footpegs slightly more down and to the rear, knee grip area 2 cm narrower
  • New body parts, narrower fuel tank and seat for excellent rider integration
  • Long swingarm and monocross suspension system to combine great cornering performance, traction feeling and comfort
  • 43 mm upside down front fork with long (130mm) suspension stroke for perfect stability and sensibility in a wide range of riding situations 
  • 310 mm front brake discs with mono-block calipers for very precise and powerful braking
  • ABS version available with Yamaha's latest ABS system and additional body cover under the engine

Alessandro comments:
"The riding position is completely natural, you feel that you can control the bike very well. The riding is very intuitive, you feel confident right from the first turn. And it's easy to put both feet on the ground for my 1 meters 71, there's no interference of the footpegs."

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2010_FZ8Fazer8_3_02 (71-372387) (gc_single_col)

The essence of Fazer 8: a sharp allrounder
"We spent a lot of time perfecting the design" says Alessandro.
"Fazer has to express its personality, its values very clearly:
The pure dynamism; combining style & versatility; in a powerful shape; while being sleek and aerodynamic."

Technical specifications

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