World Crosser for Inspiration

World Crosser for Inspiration

"We wanted to show that the core of the Super Ténéré is very sporty and that with a few changes the bike gets a completely different expression" explains Product Planning manager Oliver Grill.

2011_World Crosser_1011 from 236-447082 (gc_header)

World Crosser show model from 236-447088 (gc_single_col)World Crosser show model
Original model from 236-447094 (gc_single_col)Original model

The new show model is a one-off customized version.
"The original model has a lot of functional parts for long distance adventure touring" Oliver continues. "Things like the luggage carrier, the passenger position, the sidecases. We took them off, to show that underneath the bike is a sporty one! Then with the offroad tyres, the ultra light kevlar protector parts and some sports components like the Ohlins suspension and Akrapovic exhaust you have a completely different machine. A machine made for pure fun."

The origins of the Super Ténéré are already oriented towards a good offroad capability, with a low point of gravity and very good traction by the long swingarm and the adjustable traction control system.
The modifications for the show model make the bike tougher and lighter for even more offroad fun.

2011_World Crosser_301 from 236-447100 (gc_single_col)Final sketch
2011_World Crosser_302 from 236-447107 (gc_single_col)Earlier sketch
2011_World Crosser_303 from 236-447113 (gc_single_col)Earlier sketch

Why the name World Crosser?
Designer Olivier Béboux explains: "I've put that name on one of the last sketches because you can cross the world with it, cross country on all those different terrains and surfaces."
Oliver adds "We liked the word 'crosser' because its also implies active riding and that active spirit was always the heart of the Ténéré series."

The design approach was very pure and straightforward: "We did not want to be overly stylish with the shapes and the surfaces. Our intention was to be honest and efficient. The machine should express its purpose, without gimmicks."

Technical specifications

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