Aerox: Redesigned after 16 years

Aerox: Redesigned after 16 years

"We wanted to keep the character and soul of the original model" says designer Marco Ferrario. "That was the biggest challenge, to renew everything but still to feel the soul of the original one".

2013_AER50_Scooters Details like a race bike 02 from 236-515337 (gc_single_col)Details like a race bike
2013_AER50_Scooters Sketch study front view 03 from 236-515373 (gc_single_col)Sketch study front view
2013_AER50_Scooters Sketch study flip-open passenger seat 04 from 236-515367 (gc_single_col)Sketch study flip-open passenger seat
2013_AER50_Scooters DPBMH 05 from 236-515343 (gc_single_col)Final design
2013_AER50_Scooters Great design from all angles (MWM3) 06 from 236-515361 (gc_single_col)Great design from all angles
"Aerox is such a strong icon in the scooter market, in all countries in Europe" recalls product planner Giovanna Camisa. "It is really the dream for so many kids. It has such a sporty design, with the side fairing and tunnel and the single seat and all the details like a racing motorcycle. And it has been so long in the market that everybody knows it."
She smiles: "The Aerox riders talk with such a passion and enthusiasm about it. That was so nice to see!"

Product planning manager Norihiko Imai adds: "To change such a successful model is very difficult. It's so risky to modify its design! But still we felt that some elements were getting old. Like the lights, the speedometer, the electric components. We saw many customers modifying them. It was time for a change and we took up the challenge."

Design inspirations
Marco started working on the design. "We had two main inspirations for the design renewal. The first was, to make the character lines and surfaces less rounded, to bring more tension in them, to make them feel full of energy like the muscular skin of an animal ready to explode. That is the treatment we also have in the latest R-series motorcycles."
The second inspiration was also speed-related.
"We paid a lot of attention to the aerodynamic shape. Like in Formula 1 where they use flaps and wings. That kind of wind penetration was also a main inspiration."

Passion for design
Marco has a special way of looking at scooters.
"As a teenage boy, I fell in love with scooters. For me and my group of friends it was the only way to escape, to get freedom, to move around. It was part of our culture, of our friendship. We could sit the whole afternoon parked and sitting on the scooters and talk. And then you learn to enjoy the shape of the scooter from any angle, from any position, for example from sitting on it and looking down. So I learned that the design must be great from all view points and be able to express dynamism even by standing! "

Hand crafted
In his professional life, that sense stayed with him. "Nowadays you see more and more edgy designs with sharp surfaces. Because it feels more modern, more technical. But often the surface itself is rather flat giving a cold sensation, as something made directly on the computer. I wanted to give the surface more tension and vitality. It should be inviting to be touched, to feel that the shape is generated by hand… by “Human Touch".

2013_AER50_Scooters More muscular 11 from 236-515495 (gc_single_col)More muscular
2013_AER50_Scooters Flip-open passenger seat 07 from 236-515355 (gc_single_col)Flip-open passenger seat
2013_AER50_Scooters Dynamic in every detail 08 from 236-515349 (gc_single_col)Dynamic in every detail
What are the highlights of Aerox new design?

• new headlights - with a more piercing look
• new tail light, inspired by Yamaha's R1 supersport machine
• subtle design update on the whole shape - more muscular
• aerodynamic side panel design - like a motorcycle fairing
• single seat for the rider - sporty
• separate "flip-open style" seat for the passenger
• so you can fuel up without exposing the contents of your helmet box
• new digital dashboard - cool and up to date

Apart from the design, what's new on the Aerox?
Project Chief Watabiki explains.
"Actually also the chassis is updated. We wanted a good chassis and excellent performance for our customers to enjoy."
Imai-san calls this the Yamaha DNA: "We develop our scooters to be dynamic in every aspect: a responsive engine and very agile handling combined with good stability in the corner and a good feel for the road. That creates motorcycle feeling in scooters and that's what we aim for!"


2013_AER50_Scooters Aerox R Naked 09 from 236-515325 (gc_single_col)Aerox R Naked
2013_AER50_Scooters (MBL2) 10 from 236-515319 (gc_single_col)
2013_AER50_Scooters Cool Instruments Aerox R Naked 12 from 236-515517 (gc_single_col)Cool Instruments: Aerox R Naked
2013_AER50_Scooters Cool Instruments Aerox R 13 from 236-515511 (gc_single_col)Cool Instruments: Aerox R
Naked-handlebar version
New is also a variation model with a 'naked-handlebar' design for even more motorcycle feel:
• different handlebar, without cover - elemental and pure metal
• aluminium handle holder - high quality
• rear suspension with separate oil reservoir - high spec
• ultra compact speedometer design
• pronounced seat stitching
• striped rim graphics


Technical specifications

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