Race Blu series: the Yamaha-blue sports identity

Race Blu series: the Yamaha-blue sports identity

“Yamaha has at least three strong colour identities” says product planning manager Naoki. “There is the famous yellow and black combination that Kenny Roberts raced with in the seventies, there is the white and red combination that is based on our corporate colours, and there is the blue that is our official worldwide racing colour.”

2013_NA_About Design - Development_YZR500 Kenny Roberts 1980_02 from 236-526874 (gc_single_col)YZR500 Kenny Roberts 1980
2013_YZF1000R1_About Design - Development_YZF-R1 2006_05 from 236-526922 (gc_single_col)YZF-R1 2006
2013_NA_About Design - Development_YZR500 1975_03 from 236-526886 (gc_single_col)YZR500 1975
2013_YZF1000R1_About Design - Development_YZF-R1 2012_06 from 236-526928 (gc_single_col)YZF-R1 2012
2013_NA_About Design - Development_YZR-M1 2012_04 from 236-526880 (gc_single_col)YZR-M1 2012
2013_YZF600R6_About Design - Development_YZF-R6 2009_07 from 236-526940 (gc_single_col)YZF-R6 2009


2013_YZF600R6_About Design - Development_R6 2008_08 from 236-526934 (gc_single_col)R6 2013
2013_FZ8-N_About Design - Development_FZ8 2013_09 from 236-526844 (gc_single_col)FZ8 2013
2013_NA_About Design - Development_M1 MotoGP Misano 2012_10 from 236-526856 (gc_single_col)M1 MotoGP Misano 2012
2013_NA_About Design - Development_M1 Jorge Lorenzo 2012_11 from 236-526862 (gc_single_col)M1 Jorge Lorenzo 2012
2013_YZF-R125_About Design - Development_R125 2013_13 from 236-526910 (gc_single_col)R125 2013

He continues “For 2013, we decided to strengthen this blue identity colour and introduce it across a range of our models.”

Our Italian product planner Guglielmo adds “Yamaha has applied blue for various models for many years now. But we felt that we needed to give it a much fresher feel. So we studied a new approach, where the blue is used as an accent, for example on specific components, instead of on the full body of the bike.” 

He reveals “With this strategy, we have the flexibility to use different combinations with blue in the future. For 2013 for example, the blue is used always in combination with a modern and sophisticated matt grey. This grey gives a strong highlight to the blue components. So we have a nice technical feel on the bike and it’s really fresh compared to other colourings!”
This new colour was labeled “Race Blu” from then on.

The first introduction was on Yamaha’s factory team MotoGP bikes, at the race in Misano in September 2012. Famous Italian designer Aldo Drudi adopted the grey-and-blue combination, with all sponsor elements, to the shape of the race bike.

Coincidence or not, the race was a dominant victory for Jorge Lorenzo.
Jorge commented on the Race Blue: “I am very proud to ride with these special colours. The Yamaha racing colours are always very iconic and have a great history. It’s very cool that racing fans will be able to ride in the same colours that we race in!”

Actually, the whole series of production bikes that used this colour scheme for 2013 includes the models of R1, R6, R125, FZ8, Fazer8, XJ6, Diversion and Diversion-F.

To be continued!

2013_YZF1000R1_About Design - Development_R1 2013_14 from 236-526916 (gc_single_col)R1 2013
2013_FZ8-S_About Design - Development_Fazer8 2013_18 from 236-526850 (gc_single_col)Fazer8 2013
2013_XJ6F_About Design - Development_XJ6 Diversion F 2013_15 from 236-526892 (gc_single_col)XJ6 Diversion F 2013
2013_XJ6S_About Design - Development_XJ6 Diversion 2013_16 from 236-526904 (gc_single_col)XJ6 Diversion 2013
2013_XJ6N_About Design - Development_XJ6 2013_17 from 236-526898 (gc_single_col)XJ6 2013

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