MT-07: the next generation twin - made to have fun

MT-07: the next generation twin - made to have fun

“Our starting point was riding fun” says Project Leader Shin Yokomizo. “So regarding power delivery, as well as in light weight construction, we had a very clear challenge. We decided to create a true next generation engine. Compact, powerful, much lighter and more fuel efficient as well.”

2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Sketch2 from 236-559058 (gc_single_col)Sketch
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Riding fun 2 from 236-559028 (gc_single_col)Riding fun
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Easier to exploit the performance from 236-558980 (gc_single_col)Easier to exploit the performance
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Crossplane engine from 236-558974 (gc_single_col)Crossplane engine
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Clean combustion torque from 236-558968 (gc_single_col)Clean combustion torque
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Pistons are 90 degrees apart from 236-559016 (gc_single_col)Pistons are 90 degrees apart
Product Planning manager Oliver Grill joins in. “The European motorcycle market with all different countries, segments, riding environments and customer requirements is a wide field to consider when talking about riding fun. Our MT models offer riding excitement in several directions so far: The mighty MT-01, the playful MT-03, the explosive MT-09. The talent of the MT-07 is to cover a wide area of capabilities: It is very sporty but can also go cool and casual. It is extremely agile yet stable and neutral. It has lots of nice spec and is yet very affordable. It will bring riding fun to a lot of people no matter if they just move to work on a weekday or go for exciting rides.”
MT-07 and MT-09
MT-07 arrives in the market just after the 3-cylinder MT-09. How are they different?
“The MT-09 is more adrenalin oriented and carries clear Motard DNA” says Oliver.  “Its aluminum chassis with the USD forks is made to fully exploit the potential of the 115hp engine.
MT-07 with its 75HP and strong bottom and midrange torque is also a very sporty roadster but in a less serious approach. It takes the more intuitive side of riding fun. On MT-07 it is easier to exploit the performance. The bike is more casual, feels cool also at lower speeds. Yet any speed, any gear, if you open up the throttle you will immediately feel the power delivery and enjoy the sound. The feedback of this engine is great.”
270 degree twin
This clear and predictable engine response is part of Yamaha’s “crossplane engine philosophy”. This philosophy of creating clean torque engine output is well proven on the race-winning M1 engine, as well as the recent R1 crossplane 4-cylinder supersports. The MT-09 and MT-07 also follow these principles.
On the MT-07 twin, the engine’s crankshaft is built with 270 degrees offset. This creates an irregular firing interval (first 270, then 450 degrees) for a nice sound and, more importantly, it harmonizes inertia forces inside the engine so the rider feels the combustion force itself more directly.
Yamaha was the first to introduce this technology on the twin engine of the TRX 850 sports bike in 1995, and also applied it in the TDM and XTZ 1200. In a normal parallel twin engine, both pistons are at a dead center at the same time, trying to slow down the rotation of the crankshaft. This means they create quite a large and disturbing inertia effect. In Yamaha’s 270 degree engine, the pistons rise and fall 90 degrees apart (360-90=270) so that when one piston is moving at high speed, the other one is at its dead center. This way, their inertia torque fluctuations are spread out and the combustion torque can be felt in a cleaner way. In short, better feedback to the throttle!

2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Sketch1 side from 236-559046 (gc_single_col)Sketch
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Serious components from 236-559040 (gc_single_col)Serious components
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Next generation engine from 236-559010 (gc_single_col)Next generation engine
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_High power output from 236-558992 (gc_single_col)High power output

Riding: pure agility
Test rider Jeffry de Vries says: “This bike is exactly right. Light handling, good brakes, good suspensions, and a lively engine that revs very easily, also into high rpm.”
The layout of the bike adds to this riding pleasure. The slim body, being very narrow at the leg area, combined with the low tank silhouette, makes you feel like you’re sitting on something very light, very easy to control. The riding position is also a bit more upright than on a conventional naked bike. You can easily feel the sporty potential of this machine. The fat 180 rear tyre aids in grip, without harming MT-07’s agility. Additional serious components like the beefy swingarm, the link type rear suspension, the very lightweight 10-spoke rims and the wave disc brakes are another positive surprise in this price range.
The MT-07 engine is truly a next-generation engine, a big step ahead in terms of technology. Everything is cleverly built for low internal frictions and high combustion efficiency.
Offset cylinders, forged pistons, fracture-split connection rods, direct-plated cylinder lining, fuel injection with 12-hole injectors and many other technologies come straight from Yamaha’s experience with hi-tech sport bike engines.

With low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs, and Yamaha-renowned reliability, the MT-07 will also appeal to those who want an efficient bike.
In the end, the MT-07 is intended to be the most fun but also a very affordable roadster!

2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Rear suspension with link system from 236-559022 (gc_single_col)Rear suspension with link system
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Instruments from 236-559004 (gc_single_col)Instruments
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Slim body from 236-559064 (gc_single_col)Slim body
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_High tensile steel frame from 236-558998 (gc_single_col)High tensile steel frame
2014_MT07_Sport Touring_Fat rear tyre from 236-558986 (gc_single_col)Fat rear tyre

Technical highlights
  • Dry weight of only 164 kg, wet weight of 179 kg (3kg more with ABS) for class leading agility.

  • Horizontal layout of the shock absorber: to enable a short wheelbase and keep a low point of gravity, for better handling.

  • Full LCD instruments on top of the handlebar: light weight.

  • Lens-shaped combustion chamber design combined with small-radius valve diameter, narrow valve angles and high valve lift, create an excellent air/fuel swirl for great combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

  • Power output of 75 HP and strong torque: fun to ride.

  • Low seat height at 795 mm and narrow seat design: for easy ground access.

  • Slimline, high-tensile steel tube frame construction: for narrow knee grip and great handling.

  • 282mm wave discs and monoblock calipers: for excellent braking performance.

  • Fat 180 rear tyre: for solid roadholding and great looks.

Technical specifications

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