MT-09 Tracer: versatility and fun in an exciting combination

MT-09 Tracer: versatility and fun in an exciting combination

Up the mountain pass, five bikes are coming towards us and it looks like they are chasing each other. Winding up the road, hairpin after hairpin, we see the bike in front is slowly taking distance from the others, flowing through the corners in a way that seems effortless. When it arrives at the top we hear its characteristic triple-engine sound. It’s the MT-09 Tracer during a development test with its competitors.

2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Ready to take on the competition from 236-592864 (gc_single_col)Ready to take on the competition
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Low weight from 236-592858 (gc_single_col)Low weight
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Feeling of confidence from 236-592816 (gc_single_col)Feeling of confidence
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_High performance in a lightweight package from 236-592834 (gc_single_col)High performance in a lightweight package
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Bike that can do more from 236-592774 (gc_single_col)Bike that can do more
Light, explosive, versatile
“This bike is ready to take on the competition from higher cc bikes” says Oliver Grill from Product Planning. “Its power-to-weight ratio is great and in the mountains you can be faster even than over-1000cc bikes from our competitors.”
He continues “The low weight, combined with the powerful, explosive engine and the practicality of the bike even for traveling, gives it a unique place in the market. Anything else is much more heavy and more expensive.” 
Traction control
The Tracer features a 3-way adjustable traction control system. This enabled our engineers to set up the bike with its sporty and responsive engine character, while still giving a feeling of confidence opening the throttle in difficult situations. Slippery city streets, the typically unexpected road conditions in the mountains, even the occasional gravel road: as a versatile bike should be fit for many situations!

A new class?
The triple engine measures 847 cc.  A deliberate development by Yamaha, packing high performance in a lightweight package:
“We expect many people to step over from heavier, higher-cc bikes, without any real performance disadvantage. In real-life road conditions, the combination of low weight with enough raw power is so much more fun to ride. The bike is also an excellent step up, for people from lower cc classes or from naked bikes. This way they can expand their motorcycling world with a bike that can do more.”

2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Upright riding position for long days in the saddle from 236-592876 (gc_single_col)Upright riding position for long days in the saddle
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Fit for passenger and luggage from 236-592822 (gc_single_col)Fit for passenger and luggage
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Bolt thread for accessories from 236-592780 (gc_single_col)Bolt thread for accessories
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Complete multi-function dashboard from 236-592792 (gc_single_col)Complete multi-function dashboard
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Drawing, top view from 236-592798 (gc_single_col)Drawing, top view: good knee grip
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Early sketch from 236-592804 (gc_single_col)Early sketch

Weekend trips
“We tested a lot in weekend trip conditions,” explains Oliver, “and paid a lot of attention to all the small practicalities that make your life on the road more enjoyable.”
The MT-09 Tracer offers a different riding position compared to MT-09, to spend long days in the saddle. It is slightly more upright and with a lot more space for a passenger.
And there is more: the rear frame allows for compact sidescases or a topcase for weekend or day trip necessities, and the bike is equipped with a main stand.
The protective fairing makes it easier to ride long distances, and the windscreen can be pre-set, without tools, in three positions.
The fuel tank has a generous 18 litres capacity, the modern engine has a low fuel consumption. The long-stroke suspensions handle any road condition with ease.
The seat is adjustable in 2 positions, the handlebar position can be moved 1 cm front or backwards and rotated as well to find your best fit.
The handle holder even has an empty M6 bolt thread, for an easy mount of accessories like a GPS. It comes with a 12V outlet as standard, and a second one is available as accessory.
The dashboard comes from the latest Super Ténéré and includes indications for gear position, outside temperature, fuel level, drive mode settings, traction control settings, accessory grip heater settings, and more.  

Engine response system

The eager 3-cylinder engine character combines low-rpm torque with high-revving horsepower. It is more smooth than a twin, while it builds narrow for a good knee grip.
The 3 engine modes of the D-mode system can be set from a smooth engine response to an aggressive one.  

“Touring doesn’t need to be done on boring bikes. It can be super fun too!”,
manager Naoki Koike joins in. “In the past, allround bikes or sports-touring bikes were a compromise. They did everything well but nothing perfect. With the Tracer we built a bike with no compromise. It does everything on a very high level.” 

2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Final sketch2 from 236-593009 (gc_single_col)Final Sketch
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Handlebar comparison from 236-592828 (gc_single_col)Handlebar comparison
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Line drawing, rear view from 236-592852 (gc_single_col)Line drawing, rear view
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Line drawing, front view from 236-592846 (gc_single_col)Line drawing, front view
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Sporty bike that can handle longer trips with ease from 236-592870 (gc_single_col)Sporty bike that can handle longer trips with ease
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Full LED lights from 236-593015 (gc_single_col)Full LED lights
2015_MT09TR_Sport Touring_Position lights are LED also from 236-606077 (gc_single_col)

Design: an interesting mix
Tracer’s design combines influences from different categories. Developed by Yamaha’s R&D center in Italy, it expresses the two built-in characteristics of the bike: the sporty side and the versatile side.
What are the sporty elements?
- The front headlight with its R-series DNA.
- The minimalistic, function-driven build of the bike, as efficient as possible .
- The very sporty side cowling.
What are the versatile elements?
- The higher seat with upright riding position and good view over traffic.
- Adventure-style hand protectors.
- The functional tail design, with few parts, light and strong.
- The suspension setup with relatively long stroke to cope with all kinds of road conditions.
Features and specs
- Clever, well-though-out concept for a sporty bike that can handle longer trips with ease.
- Full aluminum chassis and swingarm.
- Beefy USD fork with tapered aluminum handlebar.
- 115 HP three-cylinder engine with lots of character.
- Ultra light weight construction with only 190 kg dry weight.
- YCC-T with D-mode and TCS to personalize your interaction with the engine.
- Digital dashboard with extensive functions and remote operation by a button on the left handlebar.
- Yamaha’s famous build quality and reliability.

Technical specifications

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