TMAX 2015: another refinement of this iconic machine

TMAX 2015: another refinement of this iconic machine

Small items that make a difference: TMAX is cleverly improved. Let’s take a look at the changes and why they were done.

2015_XP500_Scooters_Well balanced, the sports icon in the scooter world from 236-601739 (gc_single_col)Well balanced, the sports icon in the scooter world
2015_XP500_Scooters_Early design study for front cowl and headlights with a strong presence from 236-601666 (gc_single_col)Early design study for front cowl and headlights with a strong presence
2015_XP500_Scooters_USD front fork, top braking system from 236-601733 (gc_single_col)USD front fork, top braking system
2015_XP500_Scooters_Beautiful backlit dashboard from 236-601660 (gc_single_col)Beautiful backlit dashboard (colour may be different for different versions)
Balance of sportiness, quality and utility
Project leader Tatsuya Suzuki says: “One of the important reasons why TMAX has been appreciated by many riders in Europe is the well balanced packaging. We took this excellent balance as a key word for the development of the new TMAX, and we enhanced it to a higher level in terms of 3 factors: “High quality”, “Sportiness” and “Utility”.”

To achieve this, Tatsuya and his team have updated many components:
Upside down front fork
Traditionally, TMAX has always been famous for its sporty, motorcycle-like handling with excellent stability and great feel for the road. This is what set the TMAX apart from other high-cc scooters. Over the years, Yamaha has continuously focused on this strength, perfecting it time after time.  The 2015 TMAX marks another step in this direction: a new 41 mm upside-down front fork makes the steering feel even more precise! The new front end also reduces the unsprung weight, so the roadholding is another step more sensitive than before.
Radial front brake mount
Front brake calipers are now radial-mounted for more rigidity in the system. Combined with the 4-pot type calipers and the floating brake discs, this is a system that’s usually applied to our supersports motorcycles! For a good ‘feel’ and a strong and responsive braking performance.

2015_XP500_Scooters_Front view sketch from 236-601684 (gc_single_col)Front view sketch
2015_XP500_Scooters_Sketch for low beam lighting from 236-601702 (gc_single_col)Sketch for low beam lighting
2015_XP500_Scooters_Sketch for high beam lighting from 236-601696 (gc_single_col)Sketch for high beam lighting
2015_XP500_Scooters_Sketch for position lights from 236-601709 (gc_single_col)Sketch for position lights
2015_XP500_Scooters_Final result, boomerang-shaped LED position lights from 236-601672 (gc_single_col)Final result, boomerang-shaped LED position lights

The styling update of this new TMAX is deliberately subtle.  Designer Takuya Nakamura states: “Our goal was to express the new design elements with higher quality, without changing the TMAX image itself. So the customers who have loved TMAX all the time, will still feel it is the ‘one and only’, still part of the TMAX fan world.”
Let's look at some of the design changes:

New front cowl
Redesigned for a sharper look and now featuring a central air inlet below the windscreen, to smoothen the overall airflow and dampen turbulences. The windscreen itself is adjustable in two positions.
LED front lights
The new, full LED lights are lightweight, powerful and energy efficient. Both lights are always on, whether on low beam or on high beam.
The LED lighting technology offered our designers an opportunity for a new expression of the front face. Have a look at the sketch studies they developed for low and high beam lighting.

Also the position lights are LED type; they feature a boomerang shaped, angular outline for a strong presence on the street.  


2015_XP500_Scooters_Higher mirrors and sporty dashboard from 236-601690 (gc_single_col)Higher mirrors and sporty dashboard
2015_XP500_Scooters_12V outlet comes standard from 236-601654 (gc_single_col)12V outlet comes standard
2015_XP500_Scooters_Sketches for the new switches from 236-601715 (gc_single_col)Sketches for the new switches
2015_XP500_Scooters_Sketches for the smartkey from 236-601721 (gc_single_col)Sketches for the smartkey

New mirrors
Daily use is not forgotten by the development team: The new mirrors feature different stems, so they sit higher than normal car mirrors. Beneficial in tight city traffic.

Another clever item: a 12V power outlet is now standard equipment, conveniently located near the handlebar.

Smartkey system
Carry the new key fob with you and you can start your TMAX without having to insert the key!
The new Smartkey system is a time-saving device that also includes convenient remote functions for engine immobilizer, steering lock and seat opener. You’ll only need to turn a key if you want to operate the front storage lock or the fuel cap.
New switches and keys are carefully designed for this new system. Click on the sketches on the left and you'll see some details.

Another step ahead 
Project Leader Tatsuya concludes “We expect that European riders will enjoy this enhanced balance, which is one step ahead from the previous generation TMAX!”

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Technical specifications

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