FJR1300: Dynamic, Powerful, Luxurious

FJR1300: Dynamic, Powerful, Luxurious

2016 marks the 5th generation of the famous FJR1300. With over 100.000 units sold world-wide, the bike has been a remarkable success and Yamaha has once more meticulously developed it, keeping true to its original concept.

2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_Sporty and fun to ride from 236-647592 (gc_single_col)Sporty and fun to ride
2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_6-speed gearbox. Red line = 2016 model, grey line = 2015 model. from 236-647544 (gc_single_col)6-speed gearbox. Red line = 2016 model, grey line = 2015 model.
2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_New gearbox uses helical gears from 236-647586 (gc_single_col)New gearbox uses helical gears
2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_Clutch schematic showing slipper- and assist functions from 236-647556 (gc_single_col)Clutch schematic showing slipper- and assist functions

The FJR’s DNA has always been sporty and fun to ride, with its 1300cc, 146 PS engine and full aluminium Deltabox chassis. In true sports essence, Yamaha always avoided making it heavy or bulky or overloaded with features. What’s new for this generation?
New gearbox with 6th (overdrive) gear
“We had this request for some time already” mentions product planning manager Oliver Grill. “The FJR engine is so torquey, that it could easily manage lower rpms at high cruising speeds. With the latest technology, we could fit a new 6-speed gearbox in the same space as the previous one that had 5 gears. So we kept the engine compact, while the new gearbox is 400 grams lighter than before.”
Assist- and Slipper clutch
“We first introduced the slipper clutch technology on our R1” he explains. “It allows a smoother behaviour of the bike when you’re downshifting for corners in a sporty way. It also has lighter springs, so it’s easier to operate.”

2016_FJR1300AS_Sport Touring_AS version with semi-automatic gearbox from 236-647508 (gc_single_col)AS version with semi-automatic gearbox
2016_FJR1300AS_Sport Touring_Electronic suspensions and USD fork on AE and AS versions from 236-647526 (gc_single_col)Electronic suspensions and USD fork on AE and AS versions
2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_Full LED headlights from 236-647580 (gc_single_col)Full LED headlights
2016_FJR1300AS_Sport Touring_The adaptive cornering lights switch on in the corner from 236-647538 (gc_single_col)The adaptive cornering lights switch on in the corner

Three versions
The A&S clutch is adapted to the FJR1300 ”A” and “AE” variations. Obviously not on the “AS” version, which uses a semi-automatic gearshift system.
What are the key differences between the three versions?
FJR1300A: Standard version, now with 6-speed gearbox, A&S clutch, and full LED lighting. Sidecases are optional.
FJR1300AE: Same as A version, plus: electronically adjustable suspensions, upside-down front fork, adaptive cornering lights and sidecases always included.
FJR1300AS: same as AE version, plus: semi-automatic gearbox with Yamaha chip-controlled shifting, YCC-S. This model has an automatic clutch and also allows shifting by your fingertips! The YCC-S system controls the clutch and gearshift operations by quick-acting electric motors.
Full LED headlights and adaptive cornering lights
In terms of lighting technology the FJR is advanced as well. Low beam uses 2 LED units; High beam adds 2 LED units more. Then for the versions that have the adaptive cornering lights, these lights aim into the corner and switch on progressively, depending on banking angle. This starts at around 5 degrees banking angle, which is detected by a gyro-sensing “Inertial Measurement Unit”. 

2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_Cruise control from 236-647568 (gc_single_col)Cruise control
2016_FJR1300AS_Sport Touring_Complete dashboard with many options operated by the menu switch on the left handlebar from 236-647514 (gc_single_col)Complete dashboard with many options operated by the menu switch on the left handlebar
2016_FJR1300AS_Sport Touring_Shaft drive and Yamaha build quality from 236-647532 (gc_single_col)Shaft drive and Yamaha build quality
2016_FJR1300A_Sport Touring_FJR1300 2016 from 236-647574 (gc_single_col)FJR1300 2016

Other items, already equipped on the previous FJR’s, are:
· D-mode: to set the engine response, with 3 possibilities Standard / Touring / Sports.
· Traction Control.
· Cruise control.
· Adjustable windscreen.
· Grip heaters with 3 base settings (and further finetuning possible).
· A convenient 12V socket, located in the glovebox in the left fairing.
· Seat, handlebar, and fairing panels that can be put in different positions to allow a personalized fit.
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