Tracer 700: Amazing fun factor and versatile usage

Tracer 700: Amazing fun factor and versatile usage

Our development team talks about the background of the Tracer 700. A bike that’s developed, according to our Project Leader, to put a smile on your face every day!

2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Project Leader Tatsuo Yamamoto from 236-669554 (gc_single_col)Project Leader Tatsuo Yamamoto
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Super light and enjoybable to ride from 236-669590 (gc_single_col)Super light and enjoybable to ride
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Riding position is upright with enough wind protection from 236-669578 (gc_single_col)Riding position is upright with enough wind protection
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Famous MT-07 engine is torquey, responsive and free-revving from 236-669524 (gc_single_col)Famous MT-07 engine is torquey, responsive and free-revving
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_270-degree crankshaft with uneven firing order from 236-669470 (gc_single_col)270-degree crankshaft with uneven firing order
What was the target for this bike?
Project Leader Tatsuo Yamamoto kicks off: “To make an enjoyable bike that brings a smile on your face, 365 days per year! That means it should be fun for the weekend of course, and fun for summer holidays of course, AND be very enjoyable and useful for daily commuting in all seasons.”  
Product planner Guglielmo Fontana-Rava joins in: “We think the Tracer is a breakthrough in its segment, same as the MT-07 was among the naked bikes. It is super light, super-enjoyable to ride and combines this with good design and a very affordable price. This is a winning cocktail.”
What makes the Tracer so versatile?
Guglielmo: “The upright riding position, with good enough wind protection and real touring capacity. Combined with the light weight you have a bike that is good for every day, for city, for weekend and for longer holidays. It’s like, you sit like a king but you can go fast with the same ease.”
Is 700cc enough for a machine that should do long trips as well?
His manager Oliver Grill joins in: “Of course! Our MT-07 engine is already famous as one of the most enjoyable engines in the market. It is so lively, it pushes out of a corner at any rpm range and revs very easily. When you ride it you are surprised. It is designed with a 270 degree crankshaft and un-even firing order, for predictable traction and torque and good feedback to the rider. Plus a nice sound as well!”

2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Compact bike that is the right size for many from 236-669494 (gc_single_col)Compact bike that is the right size for many
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Beautiful long asymetrical aluminium swingarm from 236-669482 (gc_single_col)Beautiful long asymetrical aluminium swingarm
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Riding position in comparison with MT-07 is more upright and high from 236-669566 (gc_single_col)Riding position in comparison with MT-07 is more upright and high
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Immediate torque, also beneficial for hairpin corners from 236-669536 (gc_single_col)Immediate torque, also beneficial for hairpin corners
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Development included a wide range of dedicated accessories from 236-669506 (gc_single_col)Development included a wide range of dedicated accessories

What about its physical size?
Guglielmo adds “The size of the bike is so that you have enough space on board, but that it doesn’t scare you by being so large that it will feel heavy to handle. You will feel very much at ease, it is compact and exactly the right size for many people.”
Tatsuo: “The chassis of the bike is quite different from its ‘sister’, the MT-07. The long asymetric swingarm is 50mm longer than MT-07’s. This gives a more stable riding character at higher cruising speeds - especially when riding 2-up with luggage. And the swingarm is made of beautiful and lightweight aluminium, instead of steel as on MT-07.”
What’s different from traditional sports tourers?
Oliver: “In the past we had bikes such as Fazer that were somehow derived from supersport bikes. They usually had a riding position that was a bit bent-forward and aerodynamic, with narrower handlebar and tighter knee angle. Today, people realize that with a more upright and high position and wide handlebar you simply sit more comfortable and with more control.”
He continues: “And another difference is the engine philosophy. Contrary to high-revving 4-cylinders, that you have to shift down when you go from relaxed riding into overtaking, our crossplane engines have much more immediate torque. They feel more superior. Also in mountains with many hairpin corners this is a great benefit.”
Project Chief Claudio Locati emphasizes the dedicated setup of the bike: “We changed the rear suspension setting and link geometry versus the MT-07 to have better suspension progression especially in full load conditions. And the bike is truly is “accessory ready”: To fit the rear aluminium carrier, you just have to remove the passenger grip and fit the carrier without any drilling or cutting of covers. To fit the side-case stay, you just have to bolt-on the stay to the vehicle, without any other operation. “

2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Sketch - Sporty, Sexy, Elegant from 236-669584 (gc_single_col)Sketch - Sporty, Sexy, Elegant
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Clay model to finalize the design from 236-669488 (gc_single_col)Clay model to finalize the design
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Well-balanced bike from 236-669596 (gc_single_col)Well-balanced bike
2016_MT07TR_Sport Touring_Quality feeling in many details from 236-669560 (gc_single_col)Quality feeling in many details

What about the styling of the Tracer?
Designer Nicolas Chapel: “The goal was to be sporty, sexy and elegant. We wanted this bike to look nice, nothing strange, not to go crazy or make something shocking. So we worked very accurately on every item to make a nice overall design. We did pre-proto models and then we spent three and a half months in the clay room to finalize the design, together with engineer Alessandro Saita who was coordinating many issues between styling and technical requirements and made the technical concepts like the windscreen adjustment.”
What was the main challenge in this project?
Tatsuo confides: “In order to be a ‘365-days-smile bike’, it should do many things well, so it should excel in balance. Balance between all elements: fun character and versatility, styling, quality feeling, cost… On a better level than ever before. So for us, to make conservative or boring choices was not OK, to make extreme choices was also not OK, the correct solution had always to be found in a tiny spot.”
He continues: “We are proud that this bike is not a very expensive bike, yet if you view from the rider’s eye, there are no cheap things on the bike. Our European Yamaha team was able to do this.”
Oliver adds “It was thought and planned and designed and developed and produced in Europe, close to the customers. All details are considered and in all details, the design meets the function.”

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